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Celebrate National Pizza Day with Crust Bros

To celebrate National Pizza Day on 9th February, Crust Bros will be offering Margherita pizzas for just £5 from 12 - 5pm at both Waterloo and Croydon - perfect for a midweek lunch treat or to take home after work.

For those who can't make it out for pizza this year but would like to give it a go at home, Crust Bros have you covered. Founder, Joe Moore, shares top tips for making the perfect pizza at home this National Pizza Day:

  • Great pizza needs great ingredients - Margheritas require just four ingredients so quality is essential.

  • Use 00 flour for that authentic Italian taste

  • Never add salt to your dough as this kills the yeast and prevents the dough from rising

  • The window pane test checks whether dough is perfectly kneaded: take a small piece of dough, spread it between 2 fingers on each hand into a window pane shape and if you can just about see through it, you're golden!

  • Patience is a virtue - leave your dough to prove overnight in the fridge and slice mozzarella an hour before placing it on top of your pizza

  • Dust excess flour from your pizza base before cooking to prevent burn

  • Start by cooking your dough in a frying pan on a medium heat, add tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella. Transfer to a pizza stone in a baking hot grill and cook carefully until mozzarella is melted.


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