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Drinks Pairings For Your Next BBQ

Hosting a barbecue is a true sign of summer. For those stuck on what drinks to serve alongside to keep guests refreshed, drinks expert Neil Patterson at Real English Drinks shares which drinks are best to pair with your favourite BBQ dishes.

Beef Burger and a Pale Ale

“There's something about firing up the barbecue and having beef burgers sizzling that just feels right in the warm weather. I’d recommend pairing your burger with a nice Pale Ale, and in this instance I’d go with Tiny Rebel Cali Pale. The bold hops pair perfectly with a meal that matches its intensity—and there’s nothing that beats a classic cheeseburger and fries. Adding bacon is optional, but strongly encouraged.”

Hot Dog and an IPA

“Another staple dish at a summer barbecue are hotdogs, which always go down well with guests. They would pair perfectly with a fruity IPA, such as a Siren Lumina which is super-drinkable. The explosion of flavour featuring flashes of delicate citrus and refreshing, balanced bitterness perfectly complement each other.”

Veggie Burgers and a Mojito Mocktail

“Adding meatless options to a barbecue isn’t too tricky, with veggie burgers an ideal choice for a meat-free alternative. I’d recommend pairing your burger with a mojito mocktail, as the combination of lime and mint pairs wonderfully with the barbecue dish.”

Grilled Chicken Wings and a Salty Beer

“If grilled chicken is more to your barbecue preference, I’d recommend pairing this dish with a salty beer, such as Magic Brewing’s Salty Kiss that goes with almost everything. You can’t go wrong with this combination as the salty tartness cuts the richness of grilled meats exquisitely, so be sure to crack this one open with your next barbecue.”

Veggie Skewers and a Sauvignon Blanc

“For vegetarians, or those trying to cut down on meat, veggie skewers are a great dish to enjoy at a sunny barbecue. I’d recommend pairing them with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc as it pairs exquisitely with light, summery snacks and meals.”

Ice Cream and Vodka Liqueur

“An ice cream for desert is the perfect ending to a summer barbecue. I’d recommend pairing the pudding with shot glass of a vodka liqueur, specifically a vanilla cheesecake which beautifully cuts the sweet and creaminess of the sweet treat.”


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