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Editor's Pick: September

Our Editor Ellen Pope rounds up her favourite products as we kick into autumn.

Tracklements Special Hot Banana Chutney

Tracklements Special Edition Hot Banana Chutney takes your taste buds on a culinary adventure to the exotic flavours and fiery heat of the Caribbean. A perfect balance of sweet and spicy, it admirably blends the sweetness of one of the world’s most popular and oldest fruits with a blend of aromatic tropical spices including warming cardamom, spicy cayenne, hot ginger, vibrant turmeric and punchy chilli.

Vegan and Gluten-Free, this chutney is an ideal accompaniment for creamy curries and rice dishes. But equally awesome with leftover cold turkey or roast pork, jerk chicken or fish curry.

Something & Nothing French Rosé + Hibiscus & Rose Seltzer

Something & Nothing always put flavour first, a commitment that’s earned the brand a Great Taste Award for every drink in their Seltzer range, and now they’re ready to do the same with the Spritz. Together with a team of talented mixologists, who host bars at many of the best festivals and parties in the world, they’ve created an evolution of the Spritz, blending quality French wines with the refreshing, balanced botanicals, juices and extracts in Something & Nothing Seltzers.

Made with a pale French Rosé, selected to complement the ‘dry’ yet refreshing flavour of Something & Nothing’s Hibiscus & Rose seltzer, this pink and effervescent drink is all sunsets on the terrace, sitting in parks, lounging poolside and dancing with your friends. Delicious red fruit flavours are balanced with the implicit tart, dryness of the pale Rosé and botanical Hibiscus.

Tastes like: Sunset drinks at Villa Nellcôte.

Bolney Estate Cuvee Noir

Bolney Wine Estate in Sussex, one of the oldest and most beautiful English vineyards, has a rare and special sparkling wine in its portfolio that is sure to spice up any autumn night.

The Cuvée Noir is a quality sparkling red wine with aromas reminiscent of red fruits, especially red cherry, redcurrants and sweet blueberries. On the palate is a wonderful creamy richness and full-bodied mousse, packed full of ripe summer fruits, with a hint of sweet spice on the finish. It’s wonderful with cheese, Christmas Pudding, and bitter chocolate desserts - perfect for a winter night or Christmas celebration.

Cuvée Noir is available to buy now from the Bolney Wine Estate online shop for £24.99.

Dodoni Cheese Thins

Dodoni Cheese Thins are baked to perfection, with the finest all-natural ingredients and 60% of every snack is made from real Greek Feta PDO or Cypriot Halloumi cheese. A new taste and texture sensation for shoppers across the UK, the baked cheese snacks are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

The delicious savoury snacks come in four heavenly flavours inspired by the Mediterranean including:

  • Feta, Tomato and Oregano - A twist on a classic Greek flavour fusion with a sunny pop of tomato, a herby hit of oregano and delicious creamy Feta PDO cheese

  • Feta, Jalapeno and Chilli - Time to bring out the fiesta in Feta with a dose of Jalapeno heat and a zap of chilli giving a bright kick to the smooth Feta

  • Halloumi Multi Seed - The finest Halloumi from Cyprus baked together with linseed, poppy and chia seeds to create a fusion of deep, delicious flavour thanks to the tangy Halloumi and nutty, crunchy seeds

  • Halloumi & Caramelised Onion - Savoury with a sweet edge, the perfect mix of caramelised onion sweetness and strong Halloumi

For over 60 years Dodoni Feta has been legendary in Greece, and now the award-winning cheese and its creamy, slightly tangy taste has been combined with vibrant and fresh flavours to create deliciously crunchy snacks. Alongside the bold Halloumi options, Dodoni Cheese Thins are perfect for snack lovers looking for a more indulgent treat with refined flavours from the Med.

Mad O'Rourke's Pies By Post

The landmark Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory, in Tipton, West Midlands, has been proudly hand-making the finest pies for more than 30 years. And the family-run business recently started shipping out its delicacies by post, to allow pie aficionados from across the country to sample its wares.

Pies By Post has a host of cheekily-named pies including the Hen Pecked, packed with chicken and chestnut mushrooms in a classic creamy sauce; the 100 % Bullocks, with best cuts of beef slowly cooked in its famous gravy; the Andy Murray, a delicious chicken curry pie; and the Eeny Meeny Beeny - a vegan offering with a mixture of beans, mushrooms and garlic in a tomato and chilli sauce. You can see the full range here.

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Chatting Food Contributor: Ellen Pope

Self-confessed potty mouth, mother of pooch and eater of 99.9% of food (don't bring me marzipan and tell me it is food). Ellen is the founder and Editor of Chatting Food Magazine and on a one-woman mission to talk food at everyone. Usually found tweeting, eating, sleeping, repeating.

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