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Review: Flava It

Fine dining is great, but let's be honest; we all love a takeaway. Rather than spending your time peeking through the blinds and spying on your delivery driver The Flava People have a range of marinades to bring punchy flavours right into your kitchen with Flava IT!

Ranging from they're signature Chinese blend, spicy peri peri and smokey BBQ there is a flavour to suit everyone.

The first on my list was the Smokey BBQ. I wanted ribs, sticky smokey, melting ribs. Flava It delivered. Taking a pork rack or two, I covered them with the BBQ marinade and left them overnight for maximum punch. Slowly braised in the oven for 5 hours, they were falling off the bone. The flavour of the BBQ intense yet not acrid like many artificial barbecue flavours. This marinade had a hint of fake smoke, just amazing real BBQ flavour. I took the opportunity to throw together some sweet potatoes wedges as a side, sprinkled with a dusting of the Peri Peri. Allowing for a spicy kick that when paired with a creamy blue cheese dip became so moreish they had to be forcibly removed from my possession. (I snuck into the kitchen to finish them. Ssh!)

The Chinese marinade is their signature, and it certainly deserves to be. My following' fakeaway' consisted of egg fried rice and spare ribs. The flavour bursting with Star Anise, Ginger and Cinnamon was hard to mistake and sang of the best ribs you've had at a Chinese restaurant. They were paired with a quick stir-fry of onions, peppers, prawns and scallops with a generous helping of the Sweet Chilli marinade. A good kick of heat and the unmistakable flavour of garlic and chilli I was in heaven.

I have a Garden Mint calling my name with a lamb shoulder for slow roasting, and if the four flavours I have tried are anything to go by I'm in for a treat!

With 40 years of experience creating award-winning products for other well-known brands, they're stepping out on their own with no artificial nasties, just great ingredients. Use instantly or leave for 10 minutes or even better overnight to get the full impact of the contents of the bright little pouches. Yummy, quick, easy and affordable. Who could say no?

Available to purchase from Tesco, Asda and Morrisons


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