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Food Photography Tips: Shooting In A Restaurant

Each month Commercial Photographer Sam Peel from Welly Pictures shares her tips on how to get the best out of your food photography.

Are you a person who is influenced by the smell or visuals that you see?

As a food photographer, I love the smell of food cooking and capturing how delicious a dish can look through a picture.

The aim is to make the food look good enough to eat so that any food establishment has visuals to bring more customers through their door.

Here are for tips to use:

  1. Shoot near the window, to use natural lighting as this will enhance the quality of the food photographs

  2. Work within a colour scheme, to capture the essence of the location and use the deco to influence, props and placement per picture.

  3. Position the food and props within a triangle composition and use hands to add a sense of communal eating.

  4. Use a napkin or a tissue to clean glasses, plates and clean away any unnecessary clutter from each framed shot.

After shooting the food I would suggest that you take photographs of the restaurant when busy. This will capture the atmosphere and give the impression of a popular restaurant. This technique is especially advantageous when the restaurant has a certain style, unique architecture, lighting and you will be able to express the mood of the place.

My reason for suggesting this is that many customers choose a restaurant not only based on the type of food that they serve but the crowd that they see attending this location. Let's not forget that an image can say a lot to the viewer and so the busy restaurant will encourage more customers to visit.

All I can say is the purpose of using photographs is to show the quality of the food, the atmosphere of the restaurant and this is why so many restaurants are using professional photographs so that they get these types of images to sell their business.

After reading my thoughts, processes and points, I hope that this has given you a small insight into a photographer’s mind when shooting at a restaurant shoot.

Chatting Food Contributor: Sam Peel

I am a commercial photographer in Northamptonshire and I always strive to share my passion with others, either via 1:1 tutorials, workshops or professional photography sessions. At present, I am living my dream, while consistently developing my own practice, with each client that I work with. I specialize in food, fitness, property and headshots-personal branding. I gain and keep paid clients as I can guarantee that my love of photography will bring their brand to life with a selection of carefully taken images that can be used for company adverting or marketing.

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