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Gluten-Free Summer Edition: Everything you need for summer BBQs and picnics

With the warmer weather approaching and restrictions loosening, we're now officially in BBQ and picnic season! Here's our ultimate guide to a summer of eating and drinking when you're gluten-free.

Gluten-Free BBQ Foods

Everything you need for a gluten-free BBQ

1. Mandira's Kitchen BBQ Boxes

Mandira's kitchen has put together the ultimate gluten-free BBQ box for you with a health-conscious twist and Indian cuisine. It includes meats and fish (such as marinated chicken tikka and fish wrapped in banana leaves); creamy potato salad, plenty of dips, crispy gluten-free samosas, and even gelato for dessert. They've thought of everything and as long as you order by Wednesday, your box will arrive on Friday ready for a busy weekend of BBQs.

Choose from a box for 2 or 4 or a vegetarian/non-vegetarian box, with the option to also add in alcohol (such as sparkling wine or beer from local vineyards/breweries.)

BBQ Box: from £60, Mandira's Kitchen

2.Skinny Pig Sausages

Many sausages contain gluten so these Skinny Pig low fat gluten-free sausages are a great BBQ swap. With less than 3% fat and using a gluten-free rice crumb, these BBQ great and taste really meaty despite being low in calories.

Skinny Pig Gluten-Free: £3.55, Powters Butchers

3. Future Farm Burgers

Many vegan burgers contain gluten but these by new brand Future Farm use soy, pea, and chickpea protein instead. The range-which also includes sausage, meatball, and mince, manages to look and even taste like the real thing and is hands down one of the best vegan burgers we've ever tried.

Future Farm Plant-Based Burgers: £3, Sainsbury's

4. Real Good Ketchup

Real Good is known for their no-added-sugar ketchup which also contains 70% less salt than your average type. Coming this summer is their BBQ Ketchup, that's made from natural plant-based ingredients and has a huge 78% less sugar than other BBQ sauces.

Real Good Tomato Ketchup: £2.20, Ocado

5. Heck Chorizo-Style Burgers

Bring a Mediterranean feel to your BBQ with these paprika-spiced pork burgers from Heck. Like everything in the range, they're gluten-free and mix 97% pork (a much higher quantity than many on the market) with spicy paprika. The result is a deliciously satisfying burger.

Chorizo-Style 97% Pork Burger: £2.50, Heck

6.Groovy Food Company Sunflower Spray

Perfect for spraying your BBQ before grilling, The Groovy Food Co's sunflower spray is just one calorie per spray, gluten-free, and high in unsaturated fats. One spray goes a long way and is much less greasy than traditional sunflower oil.

The Groovy Food Co Sunflower Oil Cooking Spray: £1.99, Waitrose

Gluten-Free Picnic Foods

1.Fairfield Farm Crisps

What's a good picnic without crisps? Fairfield Farm is the first crisps in our round-up and they're gluten-free with the vast majority being vegan too. Hand cooked on the Farm, these crisps pack plenty of crunch, use only natural ingredients, and are made with renewable energy. The vegan bacon and tomato is a particular highlight, along with sweet chili.

Fairfield Farm Crips can be purchased as a monthly crisp subscription (the dream!) or as multi-packs via Faifield Farm Crisps.

2. Ten Acre Crisps

Another crisp favourite is Ten Acres; all of which are vegan and gluten-free-even their 'cheese' flavour which tastes exactly like regular cheese and onion ones!

Ten Acre Crisps are available at Amazon, Ocado, and Holland& Barrets.


For picnic sweet treats, we love CRAVE: a dairy-free chocolate brand that's vegan and gluten-free. Their kitchen sink chocolate bar is incredible: a mix of their 'milk' chocolate with toppings such as cornflakes and honeycomb. They also have a marshmallow-packed rocky road offering.

CRAVE kitchen sink chocolate bar: £2.99, Holland and Barrett

4. Gluten Free Picnic Basket

Eat Vita who is based in Covent Garden Market sources only the most incredible artisan products for their luxury Italian picnic hampers. Their gluten-free offering contains: Baguette Riso Nero – a dark baguette made with black rice;

Belle di cerignola olives; a jar of sundried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil; rganic Pecorino; 1x Robiola cheese, a soft cheese made with cow, sheep and goat milk; Organic honey; Organic sliced Mortadella; Blueberries; Turnip top paté – a delicacy from southern Italy and 2 x Chocolate brownie

Gluten-Free Picnic Basket from £52.60, Cosaporto London

5. LORO Crisps

LORO crisps are sweet plantain crisps that pack plenty of crunch but with only two ingredients: triple plantain and non-hydrated palm olein. The result is a surprisingly addictive crisp that contains no gluten, trans fat or GMOs and is vegan too. We were surprised just how quickly we demolished a bag and wanted seconds!

LORO crisps: £12 (for a box of 12 with free delivery),

6. Groovy Food Co Chocolate Agave Nectar

Perfect for turning fruit into a dessert, this chocolate orange agave chocolate sauce will liven up any picnic. It's organic and free from any artificial sweeteners too.

Groovy Food Organic Agave Chocolate Orange Sauce: £3.49, Ocado

Gluten-Free Summer Drinks

1.Whisp Summer Drinks

WHISP is the perfect accompaniment to a summer's day in the park and they've taken it one step further with their park delivery for those with an SW Postcode.

Available for nationwide delivery, Whisp is a range of sparkling alcoholic water cans that comes in two flavors: Cucumber+Mint and Raspberry+Elderflower. Both are ridiculously refreshing and very easy to drink in the sunshine. They're gluten-free, vegan, and come with added milk thistle; meant to help those next-day hangovers.

Available at

2. Shandy Shack

A lower -alcohol alternative to regular beer, Shandy Shack is also gluten-free, natural, and vegan. We love their Elderflower Lager Top: which mixes gluten-free pilsner lager with elderflower press. Even non-beer lovers will be impressed!

Elderflower Lager Top: £9.99 (for four) Shandy Shack

3. Remedy Kombucha

For a gut-friendly picnic, try Remedy Drinks. Their kombucha is great for your gut (it contains a minimum of 330 million live cultures per 330mls of kombucha) but also tastes just as refreshing and sweet as regular soft drinks, despite it containing no added sugar. The raspberry lemonade gives us serious mocktail vibes!

Shop all of Remedy's range here

4.Binary Botanicals

Find yourself struggling to choose between wine and beer? Binary Botanicals is dubbed 'the wine-lovers beer'. Available as both a 4% abv and 0.5% abv, Binary Botanicals offers the smoothness of a light beer with the fizz and slight sweetness you'd expect from a glass of prosecco due to its use of organic hop leaves.

Available in cases of 3, 12 and 20 at Binary Botanicals.


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