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GRUBie Launches Platform Allowing Home Cooks To Sell To Customers

Love home cooked food but don’t have the time, ingredients, or skills to create your favourite dishes? Introducing GRUBie – the new platform which is set to transform the takeaway market by connecting home cooks with hungry customers in their area who want a delicious, home cooked, authentic meal (at the press of a button, without the hassle).

Born out of the pandemic, GRUBie is the next chapter of takeaway innovation. With hundreds of Home Cooks already registered on the platform across the UK there is someone ready to create healthy, tasty dishes for hungry locals in almost every corner of the country.

Everyone knows that nothing quite hits the spot like home cooked food made with the freshest ingredients and that oh so special ingredient, love; Home Cooks will be creating their own favourite recipes they would serve to friends and family.

Celebrating the diversity of the different cultures and cuisines in the UK today, GRUBie Home Cooks will be drawn from a whole host of different cuisines and dishes including Italian pizza and pasta, Sri Lankan flavours, vegan cooking at its best, Mauritian & Caribbean fusion, and a taste of Nigeria, to name a few.

All GRUBie Home Cooks are required to be council registered and, once able following the Coronavirus Pandemic, meet a minimum FSA rating of 3 Stars to join[1]. Once registered, GRUBie provides Home Cooks with a new source of income – something that in the ongoing wake of COVID-19 could be essential. What’s more, home cooked foods are well-known to be a healthier alternative to many takeaways on offer – which frequently feature a lot of fried foods – giving people the chance to order healthier, authentic and flavoursome meals with just the tap of a button.

GRUBie was founded during the UK’s lockdown in summer 2020 by two colleagues and friends, Dee Perera and Mehmet Kocaman. Whilst working and travelling around the UK on business trips, they both found it a struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While most hotels provided a gym, the variety of takeaways available just didn’t fit into their diet plans; they wanted an honest and simple home-cooked food. When lockdown hit, this spark of an idea turned into a bigger business plan, and GRUBie was born.

Dee Perera, co-founder of GRUBie, comments: “GRUBie just makes perfect sense to us – the UK is such a melting pot of so many different cultures and backgrounds but, once you get out of the big cities, it isn’t represented in the food – especially takeaways – on offer. What’s more, the takeaways that are often available to you when travelling around the country are heavy on fried foods and unhealthy choices. When creating GRUBie, we wanted to provide a platform that would combat this and showcase not only how amazing different foods that are being cooked in home kitchens every day across the UK are, but give people a healthier choice when ordering food online.

“We have been overwhelmed with the positive response from the GRUBie Cooks who have signed up so far and are thrilled to be launching with so many incredible registered cooks across the UK. We can’t wait to give people a taste of what GRUBie has to offer.”

Whether you want a delicious and healthy dinner to enjoy at home or are looking for something a little different to the normal hotel takeaway options, GRUBie has an option for everyone. GRUBie will be launching in mid-January 2021, and customers will be able to collect direct, have their order delivered by Cooks, or a third-party delivery service.

Home Cooked Meals at the Click of a Button with GRUBie

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