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Honey Tradition launch luxury chocolate bars

Honey Tradition, a Milton Keynes based boutique honey brand owned by Sarah Reid and Marek Vargapal, has today announced a new range of luxury chocolate bars to complement its existing award-winning raw honey and bee pollen products.

The new indulgent chocolate bar collection features four mouth-watering flavours:

  • Light and creamy white chocolate infused with raw honey and bee pollen and decorated with edible flowers

  • Smooth milk chocolate infused with raw honey and bee pollen

  • Dark chocolate infused with fiery spices, honey and bee pollen, decorated with additional bee pollen

  • Rich 68% dark chocolate infused with floral honey and bee pollen and decorated with a sprinkling of bee pollen

Each bar comes in beautifully designed packaging with a golden honeycomb design and embossed logo, making the chocolate collection perfect for gifting but is equally designed for treating oneself!

The collection is available now on the Honey Tradition website.

Sarah and Marek decided to launch the chocolate collection after realising how the intricate flavours of their honey and bee pollen could enrich and complement different types of chocolate.

“There is a lot more to honey than people think,” says Sarah, “we harvest different types and flavours of honey throughout the year depending on what types of flowers the bees are visiting. We chose to infuse each bar with our two-star award-winning Linden Honey which has a floral taste with woody and mint tones which beautifully compliments the different types of chocolate.”

In addition to the new chocolate collection, Honey Tradition has been selling raw honey and bee products in the UK since 2019. The honey and bee pollen is harvested ethically from Marek’s fourth-generation family apiary in the unspoiled countryside of Slovakia. The apiary was established by Marek’s great grandfather in 1929 and the family have continued the beekeeping tradition ever since and it is now home to over 200 hives.

In its first two years of trading, Honey Tradition received prestigious Great Taste accolades for three of its four products; in 2020 the bee pollen and honeydew honey each received a one-star accolade while linden honey received two which means it was judged as ‘above and beyond delicious’.

“The demand for our honey and bee pollen has been so much higher than we could ever have anticipated when we launched Honey Tradition,” says Marek, “we know that many of our customers buy our products as gifts and we wanted to broaden the appeal to a wider audience — who doesn’t love chocolate? We also envisage this being a way for people to discover a love for honey they didn’t know they had. We carefully considered what we wanted the collection to look like, we wanted it to be something special and indulgent while still maintaining our use of raw, natural ingredients.”

Each bar is 55g size, retailing at £4.90 available now from Honey Tradition and 1st July from Amazon UK.


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