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Are you a squirter or a splodger? What is your ketchup habit?

It’s time to separate the ‘squirters’ from the ‘dippers’ as psychologist Lee Chambers MSc MBPs reveals exactly what your ketchup habits say about you.

New research by Dr. Will’s asked 2,000 Brits to document their ketchup eating habits. Almost a third of the nation admitted they were most likely to take a ‘dip’ of ketchup from the side of the plate, this Chambers explains is an act of conforming or the sign of a ‘well-rounded human being.’

Perhaps ‘the quiet ones in the room’, 20 per cent ranked as ‘squirters’, neatly squirting ketchup across the plate, while one in 10 took to spreading their tomato sauce with a knife.

Devilish diners were in the minority with just five per cent confessing to ‘robbing’ sauce from another’s plate to avoid contamination on their own – according to Chambers we put up with these people because they are fun to be around.

And there’s a name for those who opt-out of ketchup – the avoiders. Speaking about this group, Dr William Breakey, founder of Dr. Will’s, said: “We find a lot of people avoid condiments because they have concerns around the health implications of covering their food in ketchup.

“The great thing about our sauces is they have no added sugar. Twenty per cent of those surveyed decided to opt-out of ketchup, hopefully, they will have a re-think and give our healthier sauce a try.”

Dr. Will’s has teamed up with psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers MSc MBPs to explore what your ketchup habits say about you.  How do you tackle condiments? See below:

Dipper (on the side)

The dipper is the most popular of condiment behaviours and suggests a character who likely to conform to societies norms. A dipper is unlikely to take spontaneous risks and is a calming influence on other individuals. In life, they are not overly excitable but are happy and well-rounded human beings.

Squirter (all over neatly)

The squirter is a thoughtful individual, likely to be empathetic and more optimistic about the world. They are often the quiet one in the room and the most likely to put others needs first. They are likely to be in professions that help other people, and they like to keep things simple.

Spreader (spreading evenly)

The spreader is a methodical character, with an eye for detail and a need for uniformity. They like solving problems and usually excel in technical roles. While they may not be the most social individuals, they are likely to have a clear goal of where they are going in life and are likely to be kinesthetic learners.

Separator (own dish)

The separator understandably prefers clear boundaries and rules. They are likely to value order and justice, have strong individualistic traits. They are fans of process and design and have a heightened physical self-awareness.

Splodger (all over mess)

While the splodge may look like they have applied condiments like an excited child, this chaos is a precursor to a dynamic individual, who is likely to take action and start new things outside of their comfort zone. They may not always finish or deliver, but they keep a level head in a crisis and are highly adaptable. 

Robber (steal from another plate)

The robber is the rarest breed of condiment lover. A robber is always looking to innovate and doesn't accept the status quo. With the inner confidence to encroach on the boundaries of others, they are agile but lack compassion for others. They are likely to take risks and use charisma to soften other individuals. They may be competitive but are generally fun to be around.


The indignity! Those who don't eat ketchup are likely to see themselves as more sophisticated, have more chance of seeing every small detail in life, and are more likely to be in creative professions. We mustn't forget that some people have a phobia of tomatoes and red sauces, and there are many reasons to not be a ketchup eater.

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