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Review: Amplify Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Cheers to a new era of mindful drinking and swerving the fearful hangover.

Amplify Non Alcoholic Spirit
Erica Pilavaki

Although I mainly drink to socialise and experience the pleasure of a perfectly crafted cocktail or glass of wine, I’d be lying if I claimed the alcohol buzz wasn’t a big part of why I consume alcohol.

That said buzz, however, can easily turn into a nasty sore head and a painfully foggy memory the next day as well as the dreaded 'hangxiety'.

Now picture Amplify. A non-alcoholic spirit made for those who are thirsty for new experiences and want to make the very best of every moment, drinking it all in and staying sharp all evening.

For me, it’s hard to categorise Amplify, sitting between infused water and quite muted gin. Amplify doesn’t offer up much in terms of drinking it neat, but that’s not a knock against it, it has a great mouthfeel and a real kick of refreshment.

Like traditional spirits, Amplify is distilled and made with a multitude of enlivening ingredients such as juniper berries, coriander seeds, Angelica root, lemon peel, lemongrass and ginseng root. And as I've discovered, this tipple works very well with a Mediterranean tonic and a ribbon of orange peel or a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary.

Amplify Non Alcoholic Spirit
Erica Pilavaki

To say Amplify is a substitute for gin is a bit misleading, there is a prominent savoury note and an expressed bitterness making it a brilliant aperitif, and with the citrus notes I can see it really taking off in the summer. It can be enjoyed by both alcohol-lovers and teetotallers alike and its the perfect opportunity for the designated driver or people abstaining from alcohol for any reason to still enjoy a cocktail and drink with their friends and family.

Now no matter what people preach about a particular product i.e.distilled ten times, ancient family recipe, filtered through pure silk, blended by Tibetan monks - it all comes down to how it tastes. The rest is just advertising and PR. Personally, my taste buds gave me the nod of satisfaction.

To not mention the beautiful bottle would be a crime against art. The painting used on the label was created by artist Sophie Abbott, a landscape painter living and working from her studio by the sea in Brighton.

Sophie manifestly used all her senses for inspiration and the painting depicts the sight and tastes of citrus and juniper. You're rather impressed, aren't you? I am.

Amplify is available from Morrisons, Master of Malt.

RRP for Amplify is £15 (50cl bottle).


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