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Review: Berczy Drinks

Summer is coming, and whatever it brings for us socially, we should be ready to raise a glass or can of something special. Enter Berczy, who are here to refresh your palate with the latest hard seltzer on the market. Erica Pilavaki reviews the range.

A pint of beer? Full of carbs. Glass of wine? Often high in sugar. Even an innocent-looking gin and tonic can contain up to 200 calories per glass. Of course, by their very nature, no alcoholic drink is ever going to be healthy. Still, Berczy is offering an option for those looking for something a little lighter. Here's everything you need to know...

Let's chat seltzers, in particular, 'hard seltzers'. It's pretty much being dubbed the unofficial drink of summer, but what the heck is a seltzer? It's pretty simple. It's boozy, fizzy water and it's starting to dominate the normally sugar-heavy and calorie-laden ready-to-drink market. Seltzers have been big business in America for a while, and it's now making waves in the UK with Berczy being one of them.

Berczy is the brainchild of three old friends, Nick Graham, Nick Johnson and Matt Richardson. Having visited Torontos' Berczy Park in the summer of 2019 and has seen the impact of hard seltzers across the country, they vowed to come back and introduce their own concept.

So what's the big deal? The big deal is this; fewer calories than most drinks (75 calories in fact) low in sugar, fewer carbs, 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, zero chemicals, zero additives, all made using fresh fruit and can be found in a convenient ready to drink can. Winner. Berczy is also a sustainable brand, that cares about health and environment, giving 5% of its profits to environmental charities. Clap, clap and clap some more.

Now, onto the exciting part - taste test. Berczy comes in three favours; Lemon & Lime, Peach & Raspberry and Passionfruit & Turmeric. In all honestly, I couldn't pick a favourite, all are perfectly balanced in terms of flavour profile and fizziness. They're tectonically refreshing and give you a subtle buzz from the booze – just like when you blush when someone you like gives you a compliment. My only piece of advice would be to keep it cool and sip it quick!

I pretty much bet my bottom dollar that your Insta will be filled with Berczy shot in parks, near bodies of water, or styled next to sunscreen bottles this summer. We have hope in 2021. Watch this space.

Berczy is available in 250ml cans, RRP £2.30.

Available through and Amazon.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Born in Cyprus but now living in London, Erica has an insatiable appetite for good food and tasty drinks!

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