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Review: Bloom - Bottomless Brunch

Think bottomless brunch: chaotic Saturday mornings in the sunshine and noisy groups trying to squeeze every ounce of prosecco out of the set price. Which, whilst fun and perfect for energetic days out with friends, is not quite how Bloom does things.

Walking into their beautiful courtyard on a calm, gently sunny morning, the mix of dusty pink covering the walls and flowers dotted around the venue are welcoming sights. Make no mistake, this is certainly bottomless brunch, but it’s with an elevated twist. Not an avocado to be seen, as a simple but suitably presented small plate of grilled flatbread arrived at the table with fresh hummus and tzatziki dips.

The bottomless menu features Bellinis of the day and a signature statement at Bloom is the shrubs aka a fruit-based syrup. Since opening, they’ve always used shrubs in cocktails for flavour without any artificial sweeteners or additives. It’s also a way in which they minimise food waste, as the team sous vide leftover fruit with sugar and apple cider vinegar. Expect changing flavours for the Bellini of the day, and there’s prosecco available too for the more traditional brunchers.

Not forgetting no and low, the Berry Smash is a refreshing and light option and the Tropical Kiss is fruity and uplifting. These are available on a slightly discounted Bottomless Brunch menu.

As the courtyard began to fill with (largely) girl groups, the food landed. As I said, brunch with a difference. You have the option to each select one dish from the sea & land section of the menu and one from the earth section of the menu. Amongst three of us it was an opportunity to sample a wide variety of small plates and dishes if you’re up for sharing.

The crispy chilli squid was a delightfully spicy little dish, set off with the aromatic spring onion and sweetness of lime. Korean fried cauliflower was as inviting as it sounded, with a hint of sriracha and toasted sesame seeds to add crunchy texture. The tomato salad with basil oil was a lighter addition to the mix to cut through the fried dishes and really a great example of what Bloom does best. They take favourite flavours and seemingly simple dishes and elevate with flavour pairings.

Arriving at 11.30am the courtyard was fairly quiet, but soon filled up as the morning turned to afternoon. Given the style of the dishes it does suit more of a lunchtime occasion, with most groups and tables descending from around 12.30pm onwards.

The outdoor area is also dog friendly and with a relaxed setting and plenty of shade, it’s a nice spot to take your pooch along to, with the team making sure water was available.

Independently run, bottomless brunch is available every day of the week for £40pp, and with the standard of the food and the drinks, it really is excellent value for money. Bottomless brunch with non-alcoholic cocktails is available for £30pp. Worth heading down to for a special celebration, or a just because weekend with friends.

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Chatting Food contributor: Lucie Rhoades


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