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Review: Dean of the Dead Hot Sauces

The Exsaucist, Parascoville activity, Texas Chainsauce Massacre . . . No, these are not bootleg spin off horror movies, these are Dean of the Dead horror hot sauces!

You know I’m a sucker for the kitsch and quirky, so these definitely ticks those boxes! Not only is the theming impeccable, but the taste is incredible. There’s a spice level for everyone – from the smoky BBQ of the Texas Chainsauce Massacre right up to the Carolina Reaper based Jeepers Reapers, so if you like a pun and some spice in your belly, read on.

Firstly Texas Chainsauce Massacre needs to be a pizza base! It’s tangy, smoky and sweet – perfect for a pulled chicken pizza. Although, I have to say I appreciated it just as much as a dipping sauce for my chunky chips.

The Fried Barry has blueberry, bourbon, brown sugar and habanero peppers – I’ve been told it pairs well with ice cream, although I’m inclined to skip the ice cream and have a dollop on my burger!

The Exsaucist was my favourite! Without a shadow of a doubt, the power of chillies compelled me. I found this the most versatile of all the sauces – the pear gave it a delicious fruity flavour without being over powering and the mix of Carolina reapers, scotch bonnets and bullet chilli gave it a heated kick. This was so tasty, I found myself adding it to nearly every meal – I marinated pork chops in it, added it to my stir-fry and even dipped my pizza crust into it.

I was lucky enough to beta test the jerky prototype, I like spice and this was next level, watery eyes, runny nose spice! I have been told that the batch to hit the shelves will be slightly milder.... It was certainly very flavourful, however I’m starting to understand the need for ice cream!

Finally, I have been told that a Dean of the Dead spiced ginger beer is coming out shortly! Which is incredibly exciting as I do love a drink, almost as much as I love a pun!

I can’t express how much I love these sauces, everything from the design, the names and the flavours – they’re just awesome. I do love it when small independent businesses come up with something new, I’m sure you do too!

Go and support @deanofthedeadhotsauce on Instagram and grab your own over at

Now, where’s that ice cream . . .

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Chatting Food Contributor: Jessica Brownlie

Often found shoving food into her face. Whilst living out her childhood fantasy by eating all the Mickey-shaped treats in Disneyland, Jessica developed the idea of becoming a food blogger and thus Beauty and the Feast was born! Along with a keen interest in the unusual, wacky and weird, Jessica also enjoys maintaining somewhat of a Ketogenic diet.


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