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Review: Fudge Kitchen Crackers

For a lady with a massive sweet tooth, fudge is one of my go-to treats.

Many a holiday, I have been found clutching a paper bag filled with the sweet stuff. After having the chance to sample Fudge Kitchen’s handcrafted gourmet butter fudge, I can confirm that fudge will remain a favourite of mine.

The fudge arrived in a red cracker, making it an ideal gift. The cracker contained a generously sized piece of sea salted caramel fudge, speculoos fudge and particularly tempting during these cold wintery nights, chocolate orange fudge.

Not knowing what speculoos was, (I do now thank you internet,) and expecting it to be my least favourite, I tried the sea-salted fudge first. The assumption that I would not like it was proven wrong. The fudge was a perfect blend of sweet with a hint of savoury, and the piece was devoured in seconds. For someone who is not a great salted caramel fan, I have been converted, and would happily munch through many more pieces.

The chocolate orange fudge was simply but beautifully decorated, smooth and had the perfect balance of chocolate and orange without the orange being overpowering.

And then we come to the speculoos, or continental gingerbread as I later learned. This was absolutely divine, and I am saddened that I only had one piece. The ginger and cinnamon combo was perfect and if I had to recommend one flavour to try, this would be the one.

Fudge Kitchen makes a variety of tempting treats, ranging from crunchy brittles, caramels and the one I’m most tempted with, drinking fudge. They have a number of shops on the high street and you can also order online. (If anyone is ordering, I’d like a slab of the speculoos, please thank you.)

Fudge Kitchen is part of Produced In Kent


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