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Review: FusionClan, Warwick

FusionClan is a vibrant new restaurant in Warwick, where three friends from the same town in India have come together to share their passion for food with Warwickshire locals.

Aby Joseph, Thomas Mathew, and Joshi Johny, the creative minds behind FusionClan, have backgrounds as diverse as the flavours they bring to the table. From healthcare to film production to mechanical engineering, these three entrepreneurs have combined their talents to create a dining experience like no other in the area.

I had no idea what to expect when myself and my partner were invited to come along and try their menu and I was impressed by the fusion of locally sourced ingredients with Indian recipes. Drawing inspiration from their home state of Kerala in southern India, the team at FusionClan has curated a menu that blends traditional flavours with innovative twists.

It's also worth noting, that my partner is not a foodie. In fact, I often bring friends along when I'm doing reviews instead. So the fact that the menu appealed to him so much he was willing to accompany me on a very rainy night is a testament to the great menu the team have created.

To start I had the Chicken Nirachathu, a starter that combines a spiced pulled chicken with an achappam basket—a deep-fried rose-shaped cookie made with rice flour. Described as looking a bit like top hats the dish was sweet, spiced, and smokey with a moorish crunch thanks to the baskets.

Photo credit: Alice Hargreaves

My partner had the Uzhunnu Vada, crispy lentil fritters served with coconut chutney. The dish was savoury and moorish and I was lucky I managed to sneak a try.

Photo credit: Alice Hargreaves

For the main, I had the Prawn and Mango Curry, a mild and creamy curry that was also really flavoursome. The mangos are cooked in the sauce some of the juiciest prawns I've had in ages. Served with rice and a refreshing slaw, it was absolutely fantastic.

Photo credit: Alice Hargreaves

My partner opted for a dish with more of a twist, their take on a lasagna. As well as beef mince and bechamel sauce that we might all expect the pasta was replaced with casava and the meat and sauce were flavoured with an Indian spicey twist. For a very much not interested in food person like my partner, I was pretty amazed, he couldn't stop raving about it.

Photo credit: Alice Hargreaves

And let's not forget about dessert! I went for the dessert trio—a medley of lemon and raspberry parfait, mousse, and rhubarb and custard ice cream. Did I need three puddings? Absolutely not! But it was worth the extra calories.

Photo credit: Alice Hargreaves

My other half went for the Rava Kesari with Vanilla ice cream which was a spiced warm semolina pudding which was right up his street.

Photo credit: Alice Hargreaves

To wash it all down I also went for their signature sling cocktail which was top notch.

Photo credit: Alice Hargreaves

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect going into this visit but I have to say this is a restaurant that I will be going back to. The service was great, the food was absolutely amazing, and my cocktail was lush. My only surprise was that the place wasn't packed out - hopefully, that will change soon.

In the few days since my visit, the team have expanded the menu even more in the hope that customers will get a few different dishes to share, which I think will make this place even better.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Alice Hargreaves

For Alice, the thrill isn’t just in the eating but also in the creating, cooking, baking, pickling, and preparing of food. Having lived in Sydney, Australia and London, UK for several years, Alice is now based in the West Midlands.

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