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Review: Hawkshead Relish Autumn Range

Are you feeling saucy? The people at Hawkshead Relish certainly are. Starting as a cafe in 1999 and offering their own homemade preserves, people started asking to take them home, and I can see why. Fast forward to today, and they boast an impressive offering of over 100 products, and they’re flavours are growing.

With great delight, I tore open my delivery box of their four new sauces. Adding to their already extensive offering now comes Posh Pickle Sauce a punchy sauce loaded with gherkins, dill and onions. Spiced Mango Ketchup, all the flavour of classic mango chutney in a smooth pouring consistency. Hot Beetroot Ketchup, a vibrant fuchsia blend of beetroot, horseradish and chilli that leaves an impact in not just colour but flavour too. Finally what I have decided is my personal favourite the Smokey Mustard Sauce, a classic dijon with added smoke. The taste evokes memories of hotdogs in summer on a bbq.

Whilst all four are perfect on a charcuterie board they’re incredibly versatile and delicious however you like them.

The beetroot sauce is a perfect match for a goats cheese salad or enhances your smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. The pickled beetroot and horseradish heat combined with chilli work incredibly well with cooked meat too and I even tried it with smoked mackerel mixed with a little yoghurt. Beautiful and yummy.

The Posh Pickle Sauce is heaven for the gherkin lovers in your life. Perfect in a burger or spread in a sandwich as a lighter alternative to that classic sandwich pickle we all know and love. Sweet and sour with the background aniseed notes of dill its tastes like the best sweet pickled gherkins my mother and I hunt down every Christmas for our buffets.

I love a good curry but seldom do I partake so the Spiced Mango Ketchup hasn’t been enjoyed to its full potential. Currently, I’m eating chunks of manchego cheese dipped in it, and I regret nothing. Adding it to a spiced chicken sandwich with a touch of raita and I think you’re onto a winner.

The Smokey Mustard Sauce has been eaten by the spoonful. I’ve added it to quiche. I’ve turned it into mayonnaise. I’ve had it with roasted beef and cold ham. The dijon is sweet and lightly warming the smokiness adds an additional note to enhance anything it touches. My bottle is almost empty and it makes me sad.

Individual bottles and gift packs are available on their website and would make wonderful gifts for the family foodie or anyone in need of a saucy lift.


Chatting Food Contributor: Hannah Howard

Hannah is the original Foodie Tart. Writer, Recipe Creator, Cook and restaurant reviewer, Hannah lives for good food.

Hannah reviews products for Chatting Food and looks after restaurant reviews across the North East.

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