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Review: Karma Bites

With the need to stay indoors looking to be extended for a few more weeks yet, Editor Ellen Pope takes a bite out of Karma Bites, the latest snack to binge in front of that equally binge-worthy boxset.


Do you remember the cinema? Those neon-lit buildings in most towns or city centres, where you shuffled off to for dates, a night out with your family or friends, or just escaped from the world and went on your tod.

Not only has the current pandemic stopped us all from enjoying the latest movies on giant screens, but it has also taken away the slight enjoyment of movie snacks.

Though I believe it won’t be long before we are all glued to the latest Marvel film again, viewed on the most giant screen possible, the loss of enjoyable movie night snack treats needs to be dealt with now.

So enter Karma Bites, the latest healthier snack on the market.

And with the COVID pounds piling up, a little more nutritious binge treat is something we all might just need.

Now for someone who has spent a fair few years sampling the latest “healthy, low calorie” snack alternatives on the market, I can confirm they come in one of two camps. Tasteless, or actually surprisingly yummy for something not laden in salt, fat, or sugar. On first glance, I thought these bites may have sat in the “cardboard texture and taste” category. But, like my mama always taught me, I should never judge a book by its cover. Or a Karma Bite by its puffiness.

Karma Bites are following the latest snack trend of ‘popping’ seeds. This time around it is the seeds of the Euryale Ferox flower - aka Lotus Seeds. And boy, have they got the handle of popping seeds. The process is simple yet effective, they harvest the seeds, dry them in the sun, pick the best, toss in oil and flavouring and package for your delight.

What pops out the other end is nothing short of genius. A simple bite, Karma Bites are aerated but still have texture. You actually feel as if you are eating, not just dissolving something on your tongue. A pack will fill you up, though if you fancy a boxset binge, maybe take your duvet and two bags. And then we are on to the big win - flavour. These do not bow down when it comes to taste, they let you know they are here.

If you fancy something warming but spicy (remember Tangy Tom crisps from the 90s?), then pick up the Piri-Piri flavour. If you prefer something a bit more warming on the sinuses, grab a pack of their irresistible Wasabi flavour. If you are in the mood for something simple, then I recommend the Himalayan Pink Salt, simple in taste but sometimes the simple things are the best. If you fancy something a little sweeter, pick up my favourite, Vanilla and Coconut. I will openly admit that I didn’t think this would really work, but I am currently looking to order a whole box.

The products also boast many health benefits, including being low in calories, especially compared to traditional snacking options such as popcorn and dried fruit.

This includes

  • Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, free of any chemical and no refined sugar or palm oil

  • Low in cholesterol, fat and sodium

  • High in magnesium and low in sodium – beneficial to those with high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity

  • Low glycaemic index, suitable for diabetics

  • The anti-ageing enzyme helps repair damaged proteins

So, if it is a Bridgerton binge, or a movie night, or you just fancy something to eat in the bath, then I recommend you bin the fatty popcorn until the cinemas return and order a few bags of Karma Bites.

Karma Bites is available in several tasty flavours including Peri-Peri; Wasabi; Coconut & Vanilla; Himalayan Pink Salt and Caramel, and can be found on Ocado; Whole Foods Market; Planet Organic, and over 300 other UK stores.



[This product has been independently reviewed by a member of Chatting Food's team. Payment has been made for placement on Chatting Food.]


Chatting Food Contributor: Ellen Pope

Self-confessed potty mouth, mother of guinea pig and eater of 99.9% of food (don't bring me marzipan and tell me it is food). Ellen is the founder and Editor of Chatting Food Magazine and on a one-woman mission to talk food at everyone. Usually found tweeting, eating, sleeping, repeating.

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