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Review: Mary, Low Alcohol Spirit

There’s something about Mary. She’s fresh, sweet and pretty cute too. I’m not talking about the always glamorous Cameron Diaz, but instead about Mary’s the low-alcohol and low-calorie drink.

This English made beauty is a perfect botanical blend of the best herbs you’d find in your garden; thyme, basil and sage, combined with juniper and grain spirit to enhance but not strengthen the taste of the alcohol content.

Mary’s is a bright, lightly fragrant, and a perfectly balanced combination of dry and sweet gin. I can only describe it as sunshine in a glass. I was completely taken aback when I first tried it that an audible ‘Ohhh!’ slipped out. My initial thoughts was that it tasted like a grown-up and much more sophisticated lemonade when mixed with tonic, giving a slight sorbet flavour which I love. I used the very helpful recipe on the back of the bottle for ensuring my ratio of Mary’s to tonic was just right - thank you Mary’s! It is a drink that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

While the days are getting shorter and the sunshine ever-dwindling, the first sip of this drink whisked me right back to those intensely hot long days of summer, where all you long for is an ice-cold drink to quench your thirst.

I love that it’s super low in alcohol at around 6 times less than regular gin. The actual taste of alcohol is impossible to replicate, so having a small amount means that you still have that unique taste of alcohol without the fear of overdoing it on a weeknight.

This means that you can enjoy more than “just one” drink without the horrid side effects of enjoying an alcoholic beverage. Even better is that it’s low in calories too, at 9 calories per single measure. It’s vegan so my vegan friends out there can enjoy Mary’s too!

Mary responsibly sources its ingredients, and I was really impressed with the eco-packaging. From the cardboard exterior packaging and clever protective sleeve to the responsibly sourced ingredients, you get the sense that this is a brand focused on the future and how things can be done, rather than how they have been.

Mary’s is a drink that encompasses the new normal both in how we act, drink and want to feel. Massive 10/10 for Mary’s!


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Chatting Food Contributor: Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams is the founder of Milkstache Magazine. Natalie took her passion for food and created the monthly newsletter which features restaurant and food reviews, an opinion piece and an interview with a founder of an independent food or drink business to tell their story and shine a light on their passion for food and drink.

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