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Review: MunchFit

Life is busy for us all, especially as we transition back into the ‘old normal’, and balancing working, staying fit and maintaining a healthy diet all at the same time can be challenging. Cooking healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner can take a lot of time many of us don’t have. That’s where MunchFit comes in, offering fully prepared, healthy dishes that can be delivered direct to your door.

MunchFit was launched in 2013 by former personal trainer, Angus Fay. Now the team includes Michelin-trained chefs and elite nutritionists to offer 180 different recipes, all made with fresh, high quality and whole food ingredients with no sugar, additives, as well as being gluten-free and having low GI for sustained energy release. What’s more, there are four different meal plans to chose from to tap into different people’s goals and needs. These include: Strong + for intensive training; Lean to help with fat loss; Balanced for those with flexible requirements; and Green for plant-powered performance.

As someone who tries to follow a plant-based diet, I tried the Green plan to tie in with my training which predominantly consists of running, spinning, yoga and a bit of weight training here and there. The green plan has a variety of different dishes inspired by flavours from around the world, each with 100% plant-based plant goodness. Everything from tempeh to tofu, beans, nuts and seeds are used in creative and tasty ways.

The first thing to point out is for me, the portions were certainly generous. The breakfasts I split across two meals, for example, but I don’t generally eat massive portion sizes first thing in the morning. Some of my favourite dishes included the vegan frittata, one of the breakfast options. As someone who doesn’t like real-egg frittatas, this was a revelation for me. The texture was great, and paired with cherry tomatoes and lots of leafy spinach for a breakfast treat. For something that I could take to work and eat ‘al-desko’, the Cherry Bakewell bircher muesli also hit the spot.

On the dinners and lunches, the vegan koftas were also delicious, with nice flavour and a bit of spice. The accompanying veg selection also brought some life to the dish. And I’ll be honest, the burrito which I think might have been a breakfast option but ended up being a lunch for me was packed full of flavour and definitely didn’t disappoint. Sure, there were a few dishes out of the nine I received as part of my three meals a day for three-days plan that didn’t quite hit the spot. But luckily, with so many dishes on the menu, you’re unlikely to get the same thing two weeks in a row if there isn’t something you don’t like. And all the plans can be customised to accommodate food allergies and intolerances.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of having all your meals freshly delivered, MunchFit have handily thought of that too. Responsibly packaged in 100% recycled cardboard, the trays, boxes and containers are 95% plastic-free.

It is worth mentioning that freshly prepared meals that are nutritious, delicious and can go from fridge to plate in under half an hour do come at a cost. The price per meal for my plan was £9.50 per dish, a total of £85.50 per week. Cheaper than say a takeaway, but I don’t often eat a takeaway three times a day; and of course the plan cost changes depending on number of meals and days you subscribe to eat in a week.

As someone who enjoys the process of cooking when I can, MunchFit for me is a great solution when I know I’ll have a busy week but don’t want to compromise on what I’m eating. If they did options I could shove in the freezer and pull out as and when I needed them, I can almost guarantee my freezer would be full of them. But for those who see cooking as a chore, but still want great food which is healthy and convenient, I’d recommend giving it a go. It might just be the solution you were looking for.

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Chatting Food Contributor: Chloe Walden

Chloe has a passion for all things food and drink. Whether that’s getting stuck into cooking a new cuisine in the kitchen, dining out in a new London hot spot, or adding a new tipple to her drinks trolley, her life revolves around what’s next on the menu. On the weekend, you can often find her with a G&T in one hand, and a cookbook in the other.

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