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Review: Obicà, Soho

Obicà originated in Italy and now has sites in cities across the world, including Canary Wharf, St Paul's and Poland Street, Soho, in London.

The one in Soho has a pretty terrace on a small street, partly sunny and partly shady according to your preference, as well as a blissfully cool dining room.

At the centre of the menu is a range of buffalo mozzarellas (including a smoked version), fresh from the plains of Campania and endowed with the special Protected Designation of Origin label, as well as soft and creamy Stracciatella and Burrata from Puglia in Southern Italy.

For a long, languorous summer lunch we love the Mozzarella Bar Experience - just add a couple of Aperol Spritzes, a good friend and some sunshine.

You get to choose two types of mozzarella - we went for Mozzarella di Bufala and Burrata - which comes with some high quality charcuterie (Salame Piacenetino DOP, Bresaola di Chianina IGP, Prosciutto Crudo di Parma DOP, and Venticina del Vastese), plus Bruschetta with Pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP & fresh oregano, some sun-dried tomatoes and roasted artichokes in olive oil.

This is served alongside small bowls of Sicilian aubergine caponata, red pepper hummus and fresh basil pesto, with a plate of delicious freshly-baked oregano focaccina for scooping. Generous portions and vibrant flavours mean you can keep idly grazing.

There is also a tempting selection of small plates including this grilled octopus with small burrata on Italian gazpacho, topped with toasted breadcrumbs & capers.

In addition to the Mozzarella Bar, Obicà has a full Italian kitchen menu of salads, pizza, pasta and mains. The pizzas have a sourdough base which is allowed to prove for at least 48 hours, giving them a fabulous chewy, tangy crust but this time we went for pasta, having some bread and dips still left over from our mozzarella feast. The Tagliolini with Black Summer Truffle was delicate but gently earthy, a good contrast to the fresh and lively Trofie with Basil Pesto, Potatoes, Green Beans and Pine Nuts.

The emphasis at Obicà is very much on slow food, natural flavours and respect for quality ingredients, which makes it a reliably good choice for a range of dining options; the sunny/shady terrace in Soho is the icing on the cake.

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Deputy Editor, Chatting Food London: Amanda David

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