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Review: Sea Arch Spirit

Spring has sprung, and though our natural instinct would be to head to the seaside, post-pandemic times means we may have to wait just a little longer before we put on our teeny weeny bikinis and trunks.

Credit: Geoff Yates

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If like a fair few people in the UK, the closest you have got to the seaside in the last 12 months is an old episode of Doc Martin, then you might be in need of some sea vibes.

Well, Sea Arch will allow you to get all the seaside needs you desire without even leaving your garden or bed (though we highly recommend leaving your bedroom, it is Spring and all).

Sea Arch are a non-alcoholic distilled spirit, resembling gin, but without any impending hangovers and perfect for any designated drivers. The drink is crafted using traditional distillation techniques and it is made using the seaside botanicals sugar kelp and samphire, both found on the Devon coast where Sea Arch is based.

These are distilled alongside classic gin botanicals including juniper, cardamom, coriander and blood orange to create a crisp, complex non-alcoholic spirit with fresh coastal notes. If you need any more convincing Sea Arch is sugar-free and calorie-free - perfect.

And boy can you taste it. To be fair, if you haven’t fallen instantly in love with the bright blue bottle you will probably be off my Christmas card list. This is pure refreshment but without any of the guilt. Neat, there is an almost peppery warmth left on the palette. Add tonic and ice and you are instantly taken to the coast. Put on your shades, get your legs out, and bask in spring and summer until you can dip your toes in some actual sea.

Grab yourself a bottle for the rule of 6 and beyond. This is summer 2021 in a bottle, you’d be silly to miss out.

Buy your bottle today from Sea Arch's online store.

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If you fancy a Sea & T, then why not find out more about Sea Arch's new canned range


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