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Review: Something & Nothing Spritz

If Pinterest made a drink, it would be this.

Where were you when the great hard seltzer invasion took hold? That's the question we'll all be asking ourselves in years to come when we're knee-deep into carbonated alcoholic water and cleverly designed empty cans. But if you are not yet acquainted with Something & Nothing, then you're in for a real treat.

Much like the sonic boom of flavoured gins that have propelled the spirit scene to another dimension, hard seltzers have continued to evolve with stupefying speed. Take Something & Nothing as a prime example of how seltzers have advanced.

Founded in London by Rupert Pugsley & Oliver Dixon, Something & Nothing launched their first (non-alcoholic) seltzer range in 2017, with three flavours - Cucumber, Yuzu, Hibiscus & Rose - each designed to work as a refreshing stand-alone drink or as a mixer!

This versatility is what makes Something & Nothing stand out and outshine all other seltzers on the market, as well as their elegant flavour profile. Its uniqueness is that it can be drunk straight from the can or mixed with premium spirits or made into a spritzer with quality wine. The chic simplicity of the brand also translates to the drink itself. There are zero added sugars, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and it is suitable for vegans.

I was kindly sent their new Spritz range to try, which blends Something & Nothing’s award-winning seltzers with quality French wines. Currently available in two flavours, French Rose with Hibiscus & Rose Seltzer and Sauv Blanc with Cucumber Seltzer, they come in ready-to-drink 330ml cans. A third flavour is due to launch later this year too.

Let's start with the French Rose. At first sip, my initial reaction was to raise my eyebrows with surprise and delight. Fizzy rose wine that's not sickly sweet at all and doesn't feel 'watered down' with a nice balance of sharpness and delicateness all at the same time. You can certainly taste the hibiscus and the fragrant rose, but it doesn't feel like you're tasting perfume. The fact that grape and lemon juice is added to give balance and a fuller, deeper flavour is genius.

On to the Sauv Blanc and cucumber seltzer. This tastes like the epitome of summer vibes - making me very nostalgic for pre-pandemic hot girl summer! I love how this drink instantly catapults me to sunnier climes.

The white wine is distinct, as is the cool tasting cucumber. The best way to describe it is this; picture you're on holiday, you've spent the whole day poolside. You go back to your swish hotel, take a shower, and then a cool breeze hits your naked tan body, and you have a little shiver. That's how satisfying it tastes.

The bottom line is this... I've tasted countless seltzers, but this brand is now my all-time favourite.I enjoyed trying the Rose Hibiscus and the Sauv Blanc and cucumber as they both quench your thirst and capture the complete flavour profile so, so well. A couple of cans provide just enough alcohol to feel buzzy without feeling drowsy; however, be warned as the alcohol does creep up on you.

To note, as I think it's commendable and should be shouted from the rooftops, Something & Nothing donate 1p from every can of seltzer sold to the Glimpse foundation. Glimpse create campaigns and activations for the good of society and the planet.

They raised over £2.5M for Help Refugees with stores that sell real products for refugees in London and New York. They have also messed with our perceptiveness by taking over a tube station and replacing advertising with images of cats, inspiring thousands of people to question their surroundings.


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