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Review: The Tea Makers of London

Being sent a tea set to review is always a real treat, but it is manna from heaven when the weather is sub-zero. Like many of us, I set off into the New Year with high hopes for healthy eating, drinking and living, so given that matcha is renowned for its swathe of health credentials, the timing could not have been better.

The packaging is where the elegance begins - housed in a smart green box; the tone is set for something special. A perfect gift - Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are on the horizon!

The set is designed for established fans or those starting to explore the world of matcha. I fell into the latter camp, which was a real discovery voyage. It is a beautiful kit containing a ceramic matcha bowl for whisking, a bamboo matcha whisk and Chashaku Spoon complemented by a glossy whisk holder within the traditional gift set. And to get me started, there were 15 sachets of the award-winning matcha. For convenience, there is also a black bowl with a handy Electric Matcha Whisk, which allows you to whip up antioxidant-rich tea on the go, thanks to its travel-friendly design.

The tea is everything it promises to be - it is smooth and sweet tasting without any of the acrid undertones that traditional green tea can sometimes have. But this is more than just a cup of tea and more even than a healthy way to start the day. This is an actual ceremony, an occasion. The various 'tools' involved in making the tea are so beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing that it makes the whole process feel like a moment to stop and take a breather. And don't we all need a little bit of that in this topsy-turvy world right now?!

With lots of gifting holidays coming up, the Tea Makers of London is a must-see. Check out the full website for a fabulous selection of tea gifts, whether it's to say 'I'm thinking of you' or 'I deserve a treat myself'.

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