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Review: VIVIR Tequila, Margarita Madness

Sitting in Sophie’s Soho attending the Vivir Margarita Jungle whilst the DJ plays and the sun sets over London, I take a sip of my margarita and ask myself what could be better? Another margarita of course! So that’s what I did.

The Natural Bar Company have such an incredible menu, it was hard to pick a favourite, but ultimately the ‘Walk down 2 Picante Avenue’ won: a twist on a spicy margarita with oregano and basil oil. The spice was subtle, yet noticeable and really complimented the Vivir blanco.

Next up was the take on a hot toddy; a midwinter night's dream, as creative and eco friendly as it gets – even the cup was edible (and rather tasty I hasten to add)! With warm mulled apples and cinnamon oat foam, this wouldn’t be out of place at a Christmas market. It certainly kept me warm on a cold February evening and that cream was to die for.

Popeye's tonic was my biggest surprise of the evening, made with celery juice, celery bitters and pink peppercorn – it sounded more like a health juice from a swanky Kensington gym. If this was served at my gym's juice bar, I’d visit the gym far more than I currently do! The drink was earthy and yet still remarkably sweet with just a hint of elderflower coming through. It went down far too easily and I believe it should be served at juice bars nationwide!

We then moved on to the Vivir tasting flight that consisted of four 100% Agave tequilas: the Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and the Café VS. Both the Blanco and the Añejo are incredibly flavourful with the Blanco having more of clean floral taste to it and the Añejo being the sweeter of the two. The Reposado was my personal favourite as it almost felt like a mix of the other two. Finally you have the Café VS; it tasted deliciously sweet with a perfect robust coffee flavour. I would swap out my morning espresso for this in a heartbeat!

Whilst the pop up event has now finished I highly recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events with the Natural Bar Company and go grab a bottle of Vivir to make your own margaritas!

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