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St. Lawrence Gold Honey Debuts In Waitrose

St. Lawrence Gold, the ultimate Canadian honey and maple syrup brand synonymous with Canada’s finest elixirs, have announced two of their irresistible flavours will be making their debut into Waitrose. Alongside clinching a listing into the major retailer, the company are set to unveil stunning new branding.

The pioneering company developed these award-winning Honey’s from Winnipeg (the inspirational city and home to a Black Bear Cub many years ago called Winnie, which provided the inspiration for Winnie-the-Pooh), and have been making waves on British shores, as the only company to bring pure Canadian honey to UK retailers.

St. Lawrence Gold honey is unlike anything else on the market. The beautiful grassland prairie in the Province of Manitoba provides a haven for bees, with little human interference and undisturbed soils. What results is a gorgeous, totally pure honey that deserves more respect than just being spread on toast.

St. Lawrence Gold’s two new flavours – The Blueberry Blossom Honey and The Prairie Wildflower – will be appearing in Waitrose. The Blueberry Blossom Honey has a subtle fruity kick, with a taste derived from bees pollinating blueberry fields, whilst The Prairie Wildflower is a forward-thinking, full bodied honey with a distinctive taste perfect for cooking, becoming the star of the show particularly in Middle Eastern recipes.

With consumers looking for new occasions for their favourite spread, these jars of honey are excellent in a selection of dishes. Thanks to the popularity of Chef Yotam Ottolenghi, coupled with people getting experimental in the kitchen during the lockdown, the range is ideal for pepping up recipes and the different flavours lend themselves to different uses – serving as a honey for both cooks and foodies alike.

To supplement their honey range, St. Lawrence Gold have also unveiled a Limited-Edition maple syrup, set to go on sale in Waitrose from 12th July 2021. The limited-edition batch is also made and packed in Canada and is one of the world’s purest maple syrups. Made from the first tap of the season, the taste is light and effortlessly sweet, yet packs a remarkable health punch with more calcium per litre than milk, and more potassium than a banana. With one maple tree making only one litre of syrup, this golden nectar is incredibly special and limited, and is sure to sell out fast when it hits shelves. When it’s gone it’s gone, until the next season’s harvest in early 2022. Aside from their Limited-Edition maple syrup, St. Lawrence Gold also produce two other flavours – Dark and Amber – both available to purchase via Ocado and Amazon.

Bringing a pure taste of Canada to the UK, St. Lawrence Gold are disrupting the honey and maple syrup market for good. Whether you’re looking for something to make breakfast more exciting, to use as a marinade or to really take that recipe up a notch, or you just want to taste honey and maple syrup at its best, St. Lawrence Gold have you covered.


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