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The Asian Pantry by Dominique Woolf

Author of Dominique's Kitchen and winner of Jamie Oliver's the Great Cookbook Challenge TV show, Dominique Woolf has a new book out - and it's one that will bring a little spice into your everyday dinners.

The book lists 21 Asian pantry staples on which the recipes are based. In a wonderfully down-to-earth and practical touch, Woolf's recommendation is to go through the book and pick out the recipes you want to try first, see which ones share the same three or four basic ingredients and just buy those. Most of the spices and condiments have a shelf life of several months, so you can build your larder gradually - and affordably.

The recipes are also eminently achievable for the average time-poor home cook. Many are traybakes or one-pot dishes, such as the Spiced Coconut Fish traybake and the Korean Chicken & Kimchi Rice traybake, or quick stir fries like the Sticky Orange Beef Noodles or Chilli & Garlic Charred Broccoli.

With clear instructions, recommended swaps for ingredients and gorgeous colour photographs throughout, this is the kind of cookbook that will end up stained, battered and dog-eared - the ultimate goal for any writer.

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