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The world’s first premium aquavit has arrived on British shores, with special unique events

Nuet, the world's first premium aquavit, has announced the launch of its Dry Aquavit in the UK, following its overwhelming success in the Norwegian market.

To coincide with its exciting arrival in the UK, Nuet are hosting an Urban Foraging event launching on May 17th – a national holiday in Norway, which coincides with the day indoor dining reopens in the UK, and running until Sunday 23rd May.

Historically, London throws numerous outdoor parties in parks and venues, but due to current Covid restrictions, they are not taking place this year. Helping people celebrate in their own way, Nuet has partnered with several bars across the capital, including Hide in Mayfair, EKTE Nordic Kitchen in Bloomberg Arcade, Scandi Kitchen in Fitzrovia and more. Each partner bar will be serving special Nuet cocktails or serves to commemorate the occasion and those wishing to celebrate are encouraged to ‘forage’ for Nuet across London town.

Those keen to help celebrate Norway Day, or even just commemorate another step to freedom out of lockdown, are encouraged to ‘forage' their way around the bars and partner venues* across the capital and try Nuet for the first time!

For anyone that can’t make it to the capital for Norway’s national holiday, they can instead purchase a limited edition Nuet gift set, featuring a commemorative bottle and branded Nuet glasses), available on 31 Dover from 7th May, priced at £39.95.


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