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Top Meat Boxes for Home Delivery

With all the rumblings about empty shelves this Christmas you can guarantee your festive feast, miss the queues and support independent businesses by ordering online. Here are some of the best.

1. James Alexander Fine Foods

Can't decide what bird to have for your Christmas dinner? Why choose, when you can have a Turducken?

The multi award-winning three-bird roasts from James Alexander Fine Foods are boneless, easy to carve, full of flavour and guaranteed to impress. These organic, hand-prepared roasts are made to order from turkey, chicken and duck, expertly combined so that each bird cooks the next one inside. Outdoor bred and reared, gluten-free pork sausage stuffing is then added and the birds are dressed in the best quality Cumbrian pancetta with sprigs of thyme.

The Christmas three bird roast is available in 7 weights, from 1.5kg (3-4 people) up to 4.5kg (14-15 people). Each roast comes with its own cooking instructions and James Alexander Fine Foods recommend you choose no later than Thursday 23rd December as your Christmas delivery date. All Bird Roasts are dispatched fresh with 7 days shelf life on the product, but can be frozen upon arrival, and consumed within 6 months. Once the festivities of the day are over, there is no better Boxing Day sandwich than three-bird roast, stuffing, pancetta and cranberry sauce!

From £65 for 1.5kg (3-4 people) to £143 for 4.5kg (14-15 people)

Enter code SAVE15 for 15% off your first order; buy directly from James Alexander Fine Foods for free shipping.

2. Philip Warren

For the past 10 years Philip Warren have built a business selling Cornish grass-fed meat to the UK’s most talented chefs and most prestigious kitchens including The Ledbury, Brat, Smokestak and Oklava. They are different from most other “direct from farm” meat suppliers as they are professional butchers who farm. The business has been farming and butchering since 1880 and to this day they still dry age and mature their meat the traditional way on the bone before cutting.

For a real celebration check out their On the Pass selection, which was born of a desire to give home cooks the opportunity to purchase exactly the same products that are hitting the pass at some of the UK’s best restaurants.

Place your order now for Christmas home delivery on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December. The cut-off for Christmas pre-orders will be Sunday 12th December.

Browse the Christmas selection here.

3. Powters Online Butchery

Founded in 1881, Powters Butchery expertly sources and butchers the highest quality meat, much of which is locally sourced. And, with its easy online ordering system, customers can stock up on the best quality meat ahead of the Christmas rush.

For the traditionalists out there, Powters Butchery is offering Norfolk Bronze Free Range Turkeys in two sizes, either 5kg (serves 8-10) or 6kg (serves 10-12). The smaller of the two is priced at £85 and the larger at £95. All Powters turkeys are dry-plucked by hand and hung for 14 days to ensure the best taste possible. Furthermore, all turkeys are free range, and grown slowly so that they reach maturity, making the meat all the more succulent and flavoursome.

If you're keen to switch up your Christmas feast then Powters Butchery also offers a range of chicken, beef, lamb and pork, or why not choose a delicious Porchetta - a rolled boneless pork loin and belly with added cider, apple and sage stuffing RRP between £24-£48.

For all the added extras, choose from the range of Powters sausages, as well as a selection of accompaniments to compliment your Christmas dinner, such as chutneys, marinades and sauces. Browse and order the full range range online; turkeys are only available to pre-order. Whether you’re an early bird or a last minute buyer, Powters Butchery is offering free delivery on orders over £50, with next day delivery also available.

For more information visit

4. Farm Wilder

Delivered straight to your door this Christmas, Farm Wilder’s exclusive range of wildlife-friendly, pasture fed meat champions West County farmers who want to bring wildlife back to their farms.

The entire range is reared by farmers on Dartmoor, South Devon and East Cornwall who use regenerative farming practices. They work in harmony with the environment to benefit their animals, bringing high quality, high welfare ethically reared meat to your table with exceptional taste and texture.

The Pasture Fed Favourites Box contains a collection of 100% pasture fed meat with wonderfully deep flavours. With each box containing lean mince beef, a beef roasting joint, lamb Barnsley Chops, whole shoulder of lamb, lamb boneless chump, rump steak and sirloin steak, you can dine on wonderful food throughout the festive season, knowing that with every mouthful you are supporting wildlife friendly farms.

Pasture Fed Favourites Box ; £104.95

Buy online here.

Deputy Editor, Chatting Food London: Amanda David

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