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Top 5 Food-filled Advent Calendars

Look out foodies, there are some seriously good calendar options for the 2021 Holiday Season filled with unique surprises to treat yourself or gift to the food enthusiast in your life.

1. The Original Cheese Advent Calendar by So Wrong It's Nom and 'Cheese Queen' Annem Hobson

With 24 miniature wheels of cheese, individually packaged in nine varieties, this is a great calendar for the lactose-lover in your life. From the “Mexicana” flavour that will start a fiesta in your mouth, to a classic white Cheddar, you cheddar believe this calendar won’t disappoint with each daily serving of dairy. Unique to this calendar is the limited edition Apple, Onion & Sage flavour by Ilchester. With apple concentrate, dried onions and sage pieces throughout, this cheese is packed with flavour. The packaging is sturdy but due to its perishable contents it requires refrigeration. You can remove the cheeses and store them out of the box, but that takes some of the surprise and fun out of the experience. Thankfully, the box is thin which makes it easily stored so move that turkey over, you are going to want to make room for this!

The Original Cheese Advent Calendar is available from and select retailers, RRP £8.00

2. 2021 Advent Calendar from Bonne Maman

Your morning toast just got a serious upgrade! Behind each door is a 30g mini jar of fruit conserve. This calendar gets bonus points for variety as it includes 23 different jam flavours plus exclusive flavours not typically available in the UK including Cherry with Spices, Plum and Pear with Star Anise, and Orange with Cinnamon Marmalade to really get you in the festive spirit. Seemingly the gift that keeps on giving, in addition to the adorable jars, this calendar also comes with a Bonne Maman engraved teaspoon that fits perfectly into the mini jars and a high quality ceramic ornament for your tree or to add to your dining table centre piece. Beautiful packaging and non-perishable contents, enjoy Bonne Maman’s calendar all season long!

The Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is available to order on, RRP £23.99

3. Jingle Bell Pop from Popcorn Shed

Everyone loves a handmade surprise but with Popcorn Shed, you can skip the DIY and get straight to the goods! The 24 windows host 6 different flavours of handmade popcorn. The individual bags of popped delights are a great snack size so toss these into the kid’s backpack or bring along for a desk side afternoon treat for yourself. For this calendar, you will also need your trivia hat. Each door has a movie quote printed on the back of it. Although a few of them would be more appropriate for Halloween, rather than Christmas, they still add a fun way to put your film knowledge to the test as you count down to a visit from Santa.

Available from and select retailers, RRP £20 also available Vegan, RRP £18

4. The Chuckling Cheese Company

This fun calendar is truly unique! It includes 6 chutneys in two flavours, a selection of crackers AND 12 cheeses in 8 flavours. With all this variety, this advent calendar has everything you need to kick off an evening with friends or bring as a house warming gift to spare the host from having to set out appetisers. As each individual window hosts either a chutney, a cracker or a cheese, the contents of this calendar all compliment one another and are best served together. Therefore, this calendar would be a real show stopper at a holiday party, opened up all at once and served as a platter rather than a once a day serving. The 40g portions are generous and with unique flavours including Pigs in Blankets and Orange & Whisky, this calendar will no doubt have you dreaming of a very Cheddar Cheesemas!

Available from, RRP £29.99

5. MONTEZUMA’S Christmas Range

Milk chocolate, extra dark and dark chocolate, flavoured chocolate and truffles OH MY! MONTEZUMA has something for everyone’s sweet tooth this year. Sleek and simple, there really is no way to go wrong with MONTEZUMA’s classic chocolate calendars. The extra dark (100% cocoa), dark, and milk chocolate calendars are the same behind each window so you can reliably enjoy your daily treat. They are available in vegan as well so anyone dairy-free doesn’t have to miss out! The truffle advent calendar is the perfect fix for the refined chocolate lover in your life with an exciting mix of flavours including milk chocolate and salted caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate & hazelnut praline, and white chocolate with raspberry. If you are looking for a classic sweet calendar this year, MONTEZUMA’s has one for you.

Available from , RRP £9.99 - £29.99

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Chatting Food Contributor Alyssa LeAnne's motto is, "The fastest way to the heart is through the stomach" and she has fallen in love with cities, cuisines and people after tasting their food.

After over seven years in lifestyle PR, she landed in her true passion for food and beverage as a Food Stylist where she makes food and drinks look gorgeous for the camera and informative to consumers. She loves a restaurant tasting menu and is always up for creating one on her own by sharing with whoever she is dining out with. While at home, she is an avid dinner party host, experimental recipe developer and enjoys everything extra spicy! (IG: @eyesbeforeeats)


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