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Five Perfect Gifts For Foodies This Christmas

Wondering what to gift the foodie in your life? We’ve rounded up five fabulous finds, from kitchen accessories to food and drink treats that will delight any epicurean this festive season.


Thermapen Laura Barnes Bundles – For The Cook - EDITOR'S PICK

For the designated main kitchen dweller over the festive period, this Thermapen ONE thermometer is not only essential to ensure your meat is cooked to perfection, but it should aesthetically please as well!  Illustrator Laura Barnes has given the Thermapen a colourful makeover with bright sketches of strawberries or oranges to choose from. Select one of the gift bundles to receive a matching-designed tea towel.



Lottie Shaw's Christmas Gingerbread Decorating Kit – For The Kids

One for the kids to unwrap and have fun in the kitchen with. This adorable gingerbread kit

Is ‘seriously good’ just as it says on the box. Ready-baked gingerbread men and Christmas trees are enclosed with easy-to-use icing pens and coloured smarties for young budding cooks to get creative. The gingerbread itself was nice and crunchy and all got devoured very quickly during our taste test. It's super easy for all ages to get involved and make creative treats in minutes. Plus, you can sneak off for 20-odd minutes of Christmas bliss while they're occupied.



Crosta & Mollica – for everyone

Wondering what to gift great Aunt Fanny or just need a grab-and-go pressie for the neighbour’s eggnog party? Everyone loves a panettone at this time of year! Alternatively, get yourself a well-earned gift and enjoy it with a festive cup of coffee on Christmas morning. This chocolate panettone by Crosta & Mollica will go down well with all ages. The indulgent, fluffy Italian seasonal cake is proofed for 48 hours and has been infused with rich chocolate pieces.




Cotswolds Cream Liqueur - For Your Foodie Bestie

One of my oldest pals and I have a long-standing need to start texting each other about drinking Irish cream together as soon as the festive season hits. This gorgeous offering from the Cotswolds Distillery hits the spot, to get you in the mood for Christmas, or as a perfect boozy gift to your foodie sister from another mister. It's made from a blend of fresh cream and Cotswolds Distillery's award-winning single malt spirit, which is made with locally-grown Cotswolds barley. It’s rich and silky with notes of vanilla and butterscotch and once in your hands will be hard ot put down.


£24.94 for 70cl bottle

Gymkana Full Feast Bundle - For the Spice Lover

Oh my! This Indian range of cooking sauces, marinades and chutneys is the real deal. Create your own Michelin-standard Indian meal at home courtesy of Gymkhana. They have bottled up their award-winning food in a feast bundle that will delight any Indian food fan. The packaging is classy and the spices and blends are absolutely out of this world. Tandoori Onion Chutney is fiery and full of intense spice flavour. In contrast, Peanut and Sesame Chutney is warm and milder with sweet coconut undertones. Goan Curry sauce is subtle and delicious, a fusion of coconut deggi mirch, coriander, Kashmiri chilli, turmeric, cumin, green chilli, garam masala and more. Pair it with king prawns for a classic Goan-style curry. The Gymkhana Full Feast Bundle features two chutneys, two marinades and four cooking sauces. All products can be purchased separately too.

Full Feast Bundle £49


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