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Gozney Launches The Gozney Dome

Gozney, the industry leader in professional-grade wood-fired home ovens, launches their newest and most versatile outdoor oven, the Gozney Dome.

The professionally engineered product makes wood-fired cooking easy for anyone -- beginner to chef. The Gozney Dome offers limitless capabilities for you to explore, allowing you to roast, steam, smoke or bake. The oven comes in two fuel variations - wood-fire cooking only or Dual Fuel mode, which also includes a gas burner option. This makes the Gozney Dome truly the only outdoor cooking product you’ll ever need.

Unlocking a World of Flavour

Roast, smoke, steam or bake - the Gozney Dome is a grill, pizza oven, kamado grill, and smoker rolled into one, delivering unbeatable fresh flavours and aromas for whatever you want to cook outdoors. The Gozney Dome combines the joy of cooking with the best food quality on the market for an unforgettable backyard experience that the whole family can come together to enjoy.

Cook restaurant-quality Neapolitan Pizza at 500°C, close the Rope Sealed Door to turn the Gozney Dome into a smoker or slow-roast meat and then bake artisan sourdough bread using the Integrated Steam Injector. A vast world of food adventures awaits.

“There’s nothing like the Gozney Dome available on the market today,” says Tom Gozney, the brand’s founder and CEO. “We believe that anyone should be able to enjoy cooking with fire outdoors, so we’re on a mission to make wood-fired cooking simple for everyone. We’ve taken care of the engineering so our customers can enjoy the cooking. You shouldn’t need to be a chef to have the oven that a chef would use.”

Easy to Use, For Anyone

Whether you're a beginner or professional chef, the Gozney Dome is designed so anyone can go from basics to brilliance with wood-fired or gas cooking. The Gozney Dome has been built with beautifully engineered simplicity, allowing you to focus on transforming ingredients into flavourful wood-fired food and enjoy the journey of doing so.

The extra-wide mouth makes manoeuvring food easy, and the built-in thermometer and meat probes make sure you’re never guessing when your food is ready. Its stone puck system allows users to switch between wood and gas with minimal fuss. A fire basket and wood placement tool helps to build and maintain a fire with ease, air intake technology allows the user to effortlessly control the heat output, and the integrated ash removal tray makes it hassle-free to sweep away old soot.

Restaurant-Grade Performance

Built to the exact ratios of a restaurant Neapolitan pizza oven, the Gozney Dome’s thick stone floor, unique rolling flame, and innovative airflow regulation combines with more insulation proportionate to its size than any other outdoor oven on the market. This allows the oven to reach higher temperatures faster and stay there for longer. The GozneyShield™ ceramic-coated outer casing is water-resistant, UV stable, and bonded at high temperatures for extra durability, perfect for outdoor use.

The Gozney Dome is available for £1,199 for the wood-only option, and £1,499 for the Dual Fuel option. Gozney is also offering accessories for the Gozney Dome, including a portable, rolling stand (£299), a steam injector (£24) a Neapolitan arch (£39), a rope sealed door (£45), cover (£60) mantle (£62), wood loader (£23) and wood rack (£35). Limited quantities of the Gozney Dome will be available to purchase from 30th April with delivery from the end of May 2021.

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