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Heinz Is Sorting Out Your 'On The Go' Breakfast

Late for work? Not had breakfast? No problem! This January, Heinz is launching a delicious new way to start the day - the Heinz Beanz Protein Pot. Set to kick start your mornings with a high in protein breakfast pot, the brand-new Heinz variety features the nation’s favourite baked bean – Heinz Beanz!

Heinz’s Beanz Protein Pot is a tasty and speedy way to enjoy a hot breakfast on the go, or as a quick lunch option to get you through the rest of the day. Just pop it in the microwave for two minutes 45 seconds and it’s ready to go.

Each pot contains a winning combination of the tasty Heinz Beanz that we all know and love, plus spinach and brekkie essentials sausage and scrambled egg.

High in protein (with 14.6g per pot), Heinz’s Beanz Protein Pot is also high in fibre, low in sugar and an easy way to get one of your five a day.

Found in the chilled on-the-go aisles, and with under 235 calories per serving, you can get your hands on a new Heinz Beanz Protein Pot in Tesco and Asda now, with more tasty varieties due to launch later in the year.

New Heinz Beanz Protein Pot Classic: available in Tesco and Asda now, £2.50 RRP for 230g.

Available within £3 Meal Deal at Tesco and Mix and Match 3 for 2 in Asda.


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