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Megaro launches new bar Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab in Kings Cross

Megaro Hotel is launching its brand-new, late-night apothecary style bar, Hokus Pokus Alchemy Lab, offering creative cocktails in the heart of Kings Cross.

Inspired by 1800s quack-physician Dr James Morison, who believed in a universal vegetable cure for all ailments based on botanical compounds, at Hokus Pokus the botanical ‘remedies’ are distilled and served on the rocks instead. Although they are not claiming any health benefits, the team at the Alchemy Lab are confident the tinctures can still do wonders for your mood.

Heading up the carefully curated cocktail list is Tomas Vykopal, with experience at 108 Bar, Mr. Foggs, and Buddha Bar, with drinks paying homage to the long-gone era for the serious cocktail aficionados. Moving far away from the classic cocktails, explore tipples such as the Jamesizz, which is inspired by the classic Ramos gin fizz created in 1888, with Tanqueray no.10, homemade sage syrup, citrus juice, aquafaba, cream, and peach soda, the Pipette Man with Elephant gin, Lillet blanc infused with dill and grapefruit oleo saccharum; and the 1828 with Becherovka (an herbal liquor Dr Morison would be sure to approve of), sugar, lemon, and peppermint foam.

The interiors will transport you back in time; designed by experiential designer and philosopher Henry Chebaane, Hokus Pokus is an ode to the location and heritage behind Kings Cross featuring a fascinating blend of 19th century apothecary and steampunk engine room. The ceiling ripples with electric dynamos, steam valves, copper pipes and circuits forming the backdrop to a complex stage lighting scenography often seen in theatres, for perfect mood lighting.

The 100-person capacity space will host a resident DJ as well as impromptu guest artists at the striking DJ booth, making it the perfect late-night destination. Start your evening with a drink at the bar before heading to the Magenta restaurant upstairs, or why not drop in for an after-work cocktail or post-dinner tipple?


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