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Review: Bright Barley

Launching in 2019 with a new take on the alternative milk industry, Bright Barley certainly offers a new and exciting product. With three vegan shakes on offer: Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Coffee, these drinks are low fat, high in fibre and the UK’s first alternative milk made from barley.

We all know the staples of oat, rice, soy and almond milk and the way they have stormed the market over the past few years- 25% of Britons look set to be vegan and vegetarian by 2025 and just under 50% will be flexitarian (The Vegan Society), with eco-conscious millennials leading the way.

Barley is an interesting choice for the UK market, as it’s a grain that you would usually find outside of Europe thanks to the boom in wheat production over the past few hundred years. But this forgotten grain is definitely the stuff of health buffs dreams. An ancient grain, full of nutrients with the backing of a truly sustainable company, this small start-up has big plans.

Their handy portioned bottles mean you can grab and go, and I was impressed to see that they have zero preservatives and use all-natural ingredients. Made with organic barley and grown on carefully sourced UK farms and ground at Shipton Mill, there is no water or food mile excesses and the cherry on top is that their packaging is recyclable too!

So does their taste live up to their amazing environmental and healthy credentials? For me, it was 2 out of 3. The salted caramel, to be honest, was a letdown, as a self-confessed salted caramel connoisseur, the taste just didn’t work for me which was a shame as it was the one I was most excited about.

The coffee was great, served chilled over ice in a glass it was a dupe of my go-to iced coffee with oat milk. The chocolate had a little aftertaste, but after I finished the bottle it definitely wasn’t unpleasant. Would I get these again? The coffee I can see being a staple of my mid-afternoon slump pick me up, and the chocolate a no-guilt treat.

The drinks are smooth, rich and you can put the lid back on and take it out with you if you’re going out for the day. It also means if you just wanted a small glass, you can save the rest for later.

I love that they feel like a treat- a ‘milk’-shake- yet contain half the amount of fibre you need in your diet daily, are vegan, support UK farmers, the packaging is recyclable and that they also last for ages unopened in the fridge. The price is also a perk, just £1.69 for a bottle and definitely worth the price.

I can see this product becoming popular, especially as the milk industry is growing, and millennials (with their spending power) are driving change by taking the ethical status of a company into account before they part with their money. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bright Barley in shops all over the country soon.

They currently have an offer of 10% off your first order with free delivery!

Visit their website, and find their stockists here.


Chatting Food Contributor: Rachael Mole

Rachael is a food lover, food eater, and in her spare time, a food writer. COO of the City Girl Network by day, Rachael loves exploring new cities and their food scenes while sharing where to go and what to eat with over 25 thousand City Girls. By night she talks about accessibility, chronic illness and food intolerance on her blog Sick In The City. 

Instagram: sick_inthecity


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