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Review: Foxden

There are some moments in life when you just need a burger, whether it’s after an unusually heavy gym session or when you just can’t bear the thought of eating the same lunch for the seventh day in a row. That’s when Foxden steps in; situated in the heart of Fulham, you can't miss its bright blue awning and bold branding.

Foxden's founding frontman, Paul Fox, spent his childhood on his family’s beef farm in Warwickshire which makes him perfectly qualified to create the best beefy burgers! Paul only uses fresh British beef and locally-sourced ingredients and this is really evident at first bite.

The menu has something for everyone from the indulgently calorific double treacle bacon and cheese burger, a vegan burger and much lighter options such as healthy slaw or a tenderstem broccoli and superfood salad. I tried their signature 'Foxden’ burger that comes with an air of authority; pulled beef and a dry-aged grass-fed British beef thickset patty, topped with truffle cheese sauce, sweet caramelised onions and rocket. My favourite things about this brawny burger is that you can actually taste the excellent quality of the meat and that the proportions of each topping are exactly right without any one flavour overwhelming the other. My only negative was the slightly dry bun but having said that, if you are not ordering 'The Foxden' then you’re doing it wrong.

This portly burger will no doubt convince you to abandon your allegiance to smash patties. It might weigh you down for a couple of hours and give you the meat sweats but that should be celebrated, especially on such cold, wintery days.

Sides come in the form of the pulled beef nuggets, loaded fries and little rosti bites. On the other side of the coin, save space for dessert. Bread and butter pudding with custard sounds ordinary, yet the texture and flavour can only be described as fairytale; a pillowy texture with fruit running through it and slathered in sweet vanilla custard.

Best burger in London? Probably not quite, but it is very, very good. Sure, by the end you probably won’t be interested in doing anything remotely active (including staying awake), but you won’t be complaining, either.

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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Growing up with the aroma of meat grilling over open coals, views of vine wrapped mountains and surrounded by the abundant seas of Cyprus, Erica has food and drink in her heart and soul. Contact Erica about London restaurant recommendations and the latest products in food and drink.

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