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Review: Rarebit

Rarebit is a new all-day neighbourhood kitchen, bar and grocery store in Elephant Park, Elephant & Castle, offering a versatile modern British menu of small/large plates ideal for sharing plus brunch and kids' menus.

Grilled peach, burrata & thyme

This was a delicious and impressive first small plate. Peaches were grilled to a light caramelisation and perfect texture then simply paired with burrata and fresh thyme. Beautifully plated and a lovely summer dish.

House rarebit

Perhaps an unlikely dish to inspire a restaurant, rarebit is an unsung hero of the foodie world; I can only think of St John, J Sheekey and Fortnums that pay it proper respect. Not just cheese on toast, rarebit consists of a cheese, beer and mustard sauce with Worcestershire sauce grilled on toast to a browned and bubbling treat. I was happy to see it made with excellent bread and served with a bottle of Lea & Perrins for that final dash of flavour.

Mussels in a coconut curry with sourdough

I think mussels are the perfect seafood for strongly-flavoured or spicy broths and sauces as their distinctive sweetness seems to hold its own. This was another very good dish, with sourdough toast thoughtfully provided to mop up the sauce.

Seared mackerel fillet, pickled fennel, salty fingers, herb oil

We had this with a side of new potatoes in garlic, lemon and herbs, piping hot and crispy, a great companion to the mackerel. It was so good to see salty fingers used as part of the dish; I love their crispy, salty pop and they are perfect against the rich, natural oils of the fish. Balanced with some lightly-pickled fennel and fresh herb oil, this was a well thought-out plate I would order again.

Scallop & 'nduja mac & cheese, crab bisque

This is going to be a crowd-pleaser for Rarebit. A plump, juicy scallop perched on a bed of baked mac & cheese with a 'nduja kick, this is going to be a real go-to as the weather gets cooler.

This is a fabulous one-stop spot; not only can you mix and match plates depending on time or appetite, you can also pick up your groceries and a bottle of the wine you had with your lunch.

Next time I have my eye on a couple of seats on the covered terrace (perfect for people-watching), a Neal's Yard Dairy cheeseboard or a London Smoke & Cure meat board for nibbling in between chats and a bottle of the Gavi di Gavi, ‘Lugarara’. See you there!

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Deputy Editor, Chatting Food London: Amanda David

Amanda David is a freelance food writer specialising in London’s restaurants, bars, exhibitions and events. She is the Events Editor for London Cheapo and a regular contributor to Palate Magazine.

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