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Review: Resident Pheasant Chocolate

"Life's too short for boring" and I couldn't agree more. The founder of Resident Pheasant, Anna Laird, created a chocolate gifting company far from boring.

This small business focuses on using eco-friendly packaging and creating something that's simple to send and super delicious.

Like all good entrepreneurs, Anna's story starts with a problem.

Whenever Anna received gifts she would be out and miss the postman, a huge pain, especially when an item was perishable. So Anna needed to create a solution that would be a great gift to receive that could be popped through the letterbox. Once she landed on chocolate bars, she realised that what was out there was filled with plastic. "Wouldn't it be amazing to share the love of ethical chocolate but in fun, sustainable packaging that can arrive straight through your door? "says Anna. Absolutely!

The first thing I noticed when I received my box of three bars was just how beautifully packaged they were. Each bar comes in its own cardboard packet with a psychedelic design inspired by the 60s and 70s.

Often, sustainable tends to mean browns, greens, greys, wood, and bamboo, but Resident Pheasant has flipped this completely with bright, colourful, and fun. I have to say, for £12.50 including postage, this is a great price point when you want to send something small and thoughtful that's still a bit different. As a marketer who has been given the task of corporate gifting more times than I can count, this is definitely the kind of thing that would go down really well.

The first bar I sampled was the white chocolate Eton Mess. It's not something I'd ordinarily go for, as I'm not a white chocolate person, but I loved how it wasn't too sweet. I really enjoyed the red berry pieces and the crunchy meringue.

I then enjoyed the Billionaire Shortbread milk chocolate. Milk chocolate with sea salt, caramel and scattered crumbly, buttery shortbread pieces - lush, lush, lush! This one was right up my street. Really tasty, has a great texture and is delicious chocolate.

Finally, it was time to try the dark chocolate with orange. This one, I didn't try for a few weeks as chocolate and heat are not the best combinations, especially when you're poorly, so I had to share this one with my mum and dad.

Both of them remarked on how nice the candied orange was when it came to sweetening the chocolate, and the dark chocolate really had no bitterness at all. My mum has recently been on a sustainability push, so loved that even the "plastic" sleeve inside was compostable. I agree with many of my parents' comments and must admit, this was my favourite of the bunch!

All three bars and everything that Resident Pheasant produces uses all-natural ingredients. The chocolate is Cocoa-Horizons, so it respects the planet and farmers, and the flavours are produced using high-quality, all-natural oils.

I think it's worth splashing out just a bit when it comes to chocolate, as what's available with these indy chocolatiers really is a cut above what you can buy on the high street.

As a gift, this is a "great thinking of you" style gift when you want to send just a bit more than a card. I love anything that's made here in the UK and a bit different and this definitely ticks these boxes. The only issue is when you have to share the chocolate!


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Chatting Food Contributor: Alice Hargreaves

For Alice, the thrill isn’t just in the eating but also in the creating, cooking, baking, pickling, and preparing of food. Having lived in Sydney, Australia and London, UK for a number of years, Alice is now based in the West Midlands.

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