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Review: Retro Sweet Shop Cocktails at the Sheraton Grand

The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane is home to one of London’s best examples of Art Deco interior design as it embraces the aesthetic which is original to the 1920’s era, during which the hotel opened. The hotel’s lobby opens into the Palm Court which features gorgeous black and gold details that continue throughout the public spaces of the hotel. Even the washroom tiles and wallpaper give a design nod to modern 1920’s glamour.

To celebrate the hotel’s recent renovations, which combine modern touches of a five-star hotel with careful restoration to retain the original elegance of the historic property, the mixologists have launched a new drinks menu with five alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks inspired by popular sweet-shop classics. From treats with citrus flavours like the Sherbet Fountain to a chocolate Milky Way, the cocktail menu is certain to bring you the happiness of a kid in a candy store.

Inspired by the commonly used flavours in 1920: coconut and citrus, the Sherbet Shower is made with Limoncello, coconut cream, orange juice and lime. This cocktail really does taste like a bowl of frozen dessert and the cream and glacé cherry topping also make it look like one. Served as a long drink in a highball glass with crushed ice, drinking this cocktail through a colourful striped straw really sets the mood to feel young at heart.

The Wish Upon a Star served in a modern coupe style glass and looks like a youthful candy version of the well known adult beverage, the espresso martini. It even has a similar light foamy topping. Made with dark rum, rice milk, malt extract and egg yolk, this cocktail has a thick creamy consistency and before it hits your lips it has a lovely smell just like a chocolate milkshake! Rum in the 1920’s was hard to acquire and the name of this drink was inspired by the wishes of speakeasy visitors during Prohibition for the liquor to make an appearance and be the “star of their evening.” With a chocolate malt dusting embracing the rim of the glass, this cocktail is reminiscent of the Milky Way chocolate bar or bite-sized Maltesers.

History certainly stakes its claim over the next cocktail on the menu. Named after the Russian publisher, Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov’s paperback novel titled Black Snow, this cocktail is intense in flavour and moody in its look. A dark blend of Jägermeister, chocolate liqueur, and vodka give it a dark, midnight-black colour with a white absinthe cream which looks just like mounds of lightly fallen snow. This cocktail has the flavours of black liquorice or hard black candy and has the strongest alcohol flavour of any of the cocktails on the menu. Unlike the bitterness in taste, the cream on top gives it a nice sweet smell.

The fourth cocktail on the menu is just as fun as it sounds! The Tutti Frutti is served in a unique pineapple shaped jug glass and topped with a wedge of fruit. It is made with cherry-flavoured vodka which gives it a flavour similar to a modern day cherry Jolly Rancher candy and the vanilla syrup and Christmas fruit essence give it an additional sweetness that is light and fruity. Watch out though, this cocktail’s bright red colour sticks to the lips and you could end up leaving looking like the popular 1920’s cherry flavoured trick candy, wack-o-wax lips!

The sweet-shop drinks will be available until 28th February 2022 and are served in the hotel’s bar, Smith & Whistle.

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Chatting Food Contributor Alyssa LeAnne's motto is, "The fastest way to the heart is through the stomach" and she has fallen in love with cities and people after tasting their food.

After over seven years in lifestyle PR, she landed in her true passion for food and beverage as a Food Stylist where she makes food and drinks look gorgeous for the camera and informative to consumers. She loves a restaurant tasting menu and is always up for creating one on her own by sharing with whoever she is dining out with. While at home, she is an avid dinner party host, experimental recipe developer and enjoys everything extra spicy!


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