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Review: Sushi Dog, Soho

Sushi Dog's newest branch in Brewer Street brings healthier 'Grab & Go' lunches to Soho just in time for summer.

The idea behind the brand name is to make sushi as convenient and easy to eat as a hot dog. On my visit, even though my food was made to order it was ready in minutes - ideal for an al desko lunch or a snatched moment of sunshine in nearby Golden Square.

The two main options are a roll or a bowl; the rolls are made with nori and sushi rice whereas the bowls also have a brown rice option. The signature salmon bowl has the same ingredients as the roll (see below); the ahi tuna comes with avocado, edamame and spicy corn salsa, plus soy and sriracha lime mayo. The ingredients are super fresh; you can practically feel yourself detoxing as you eat. I did notice that, although the roll was surprisingly filling, I didn't have that post-lunch slump that sometimes happens when you've grabbed a stodgy sandwich.

Their signature salmon roll is packed with salmon, cucumber, avocado and edamame beans, drizzled with soy sauce and Japanese mayo and then topped with crispy onions and sesame seeds. If you actually sliced this like normal sushi you'd get eight pieces, which is pretty good value for £7.95, particularly as you can create your own bespoke version.

There are seaweed and slaw salads as sides, but I'm never going to not order tater tots if they are on the menu. Are they big in Japan? Who knows, but I have discovered they are delicious with sushi dogs. I like to think of these as the yin and yang of a healthy lunch; anything with that many vitamins needs some crispy carbs for balance.

So, next time you need a quick lunch fix, check out Sushi Dog; all the freshness and taste of classic sushi - plus tater tots. What's not to love?

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