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Review: Sushi Revolution, Shoreditch

Throw off your sashimi shackles, pick up your chopsticks and join the Sushi Revolution, now with a brand new site in Shoreditch.

At the moment it's an IYKYK kind of place, tucked away in the barely finished Stage development off Curtain Road just along from Manteca, and as such is a good shout for spontaneous walk-ins in a very busy part of town. Get in while you can though, as word is going to spread: the food is fresh, imaginative (their motto is 'past meets present, tradition meets innovation'), delicious and affordable. It's a lunchtime or after-work gem.

There's clearly been a lot of thought given to the design, which is stylish without sacrificing comfort, and has a cool, upmarket Shoreditch vibe.

We started with Padron peppers with yuzu miso from the otsumami section of the menu, snacks and nibbles designed to be picked up and eaten with your fingers. Edamame beans are also on the menu in both salty and spicy forms (I love their use of Maldon smoked salt to add another level of flavour), but I found this cultural crossover intriguing, and successful.

Panko popcorn shrimp with chilli mayo, chives and Parmesan were firm and plump with a perfectly thin, crispy coating. The Parmesan is where tradition meets innovation; not a classic addition but an extra umami hit that works well, particularly with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Japanese fried aubergine with beetroot den miso, crispy onions, sesame and coriander cress was a dish that proves once again that Japanese cuisine is one of the best for vegetarian food; it was a riot of colours, flavours and textures that lacked nothing from the absence of meat.

Soft shell crab roll with tempura crab, spring onion, tobiko, avocado, teriyaki and kimchee hummus was wrapped in nori and sprinkled with sesame seeds, served with wasabi and zingy, palate-cleansing pickled ginger.

Yuzu salmon roll with tempura prawn, avocado and spicy mayo is topped with salmon, yuzu mayo and nori powder for that perfect bite.

I love this beautiful counter seating at the bar; they have a good selection of cocktails at £9.00 each, plus beers (including Japanese favourite Asahi), well-priced wine by the glass and bottle, and house sake by the carafe. The menu lends itself well to the izakaya style of snacks that pair well with drinks; the Padron peppers and panko prawns would be ideal, plus karaage fried chicken and Korean fried wings as the evening goes on. There - that's the plan for my next visit sorted.

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