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Review: The Murder Express Pedley Street Station

Jessica Brownlie takes a ride on The Murder Express and finds the menu, created by MasterChef The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis, to die for. We've also got a cheeky discount code for you to enjoy.

Upon arriving at Pedley Street station, we were promptly greeted by the Ticketmaster, who, in perfect character, informed us about our journey and what to expect.

The wonderful conductor then swiftly appeared and led us to the bar area. Please note, drinks (including soft drinks) are not included in the price of your ticket.

The bar area was wonderfully decorated, and I was fully immersed in the glamour of it all. After ordering our drinks on the app, the actors began to appear! The show had begun.

It's worth noting that we were a party of two and as such, we had another party of two seated with us. We were encouraged to make friends as there is actor interaction as a team.

Shortly afterwards, we arrived on the 'train', and the Amuse Bouche promptly arrived whilst the show unravelled around us. This celeriac and truffle soup was outstanding; the bold flavours set the pace for the dishes to come.

Next to arrive was our gorgeous starter—a beetroot tartare with apple, walnut, cultured cream and sorrel. The colour of this dish was stunning, deep magenta tones and the pop of cream almost made it too good to eat... almost. The flavours were incredibly fresh and had a satisfying crunch, and the cream brought the dish together. The contrast between the acidic beetroot and thick cultured cream was delightful!

Whilst we waited for our main course to arrive, the show's story began twisting and changing – there was such a great atmosphere and an exciting buzz in the air.

The main course arrived, and it was truly show-stopping, pun intended. Braised blade of beef, carrot, black garlic, onion, potato rosti, braised lettuce and red wine gravy. The meat melted like butter in the mouth, and the potato had the perfect crunch. There is such an amalgamation of flavours and textures in this dish that complement each other; it's hearty yet somehow feels light. The red wine gravy had such depth to its flavour yet still complimented the dish as a whole.

Finally, as the show began to conclude, the last dish of chef Louisa Ellis' spectacular menu arrived; buttermilk panna cotta, raspberry, puffed wild rice and sherbet. Not only was this dish stunning, but it was also delightfully moreish and ever so decadent! Sweet, but not overpowering, and the puffed rice surprised me!

Overall I had a fantastic time on the Murder Express, the actors were incredible, the story was camp and fun, and the food was perfect.

The team behind The Murder Express have very kindly supplied us with a 10% discount code should you wish to book your trip!

The code is FOODIE10 and be used via the website

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Chatting Food Contributor: Jessica Brownlie

Often found shoving food into her face. Whilst living out her childhood fantasy by eating all the Mickey-shaped treats in Disneyland, Jessica developed the idea of becoming a food blogger and thus Beauty and the Feast was born! Along with a keen interest in the unusual, whacky and weird Jessica also enjoys maintaining somewhat of a Ketogenic diet.


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