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Review: The Trading House, London

Editor Ellen Pope heads down to Bank to try the sublime drinks and comforting menu from The Trading House.

It is officially cosy season, and as the nights draw in (and we have a winter where we might just be able to socialise normally) it is time to put on your elastic clothing and head out into the City to find cosy places to catch up with friends and family. And The Trading House might just be that place.

The decor of The Trading House is a mixture of grandeur and comfort. Dimly lit tables are set amongst high ceilings, wooden panels and the occasional animal head. It is one of those venues you can set foot in at 2 pm and still be there at 2 am. You can see what I mean if you have a look at their 360 Tour.

When it comes to their menu, it is dainty but well balanced, with a mix of four starter options, five mains and a focus on their hanging kebabs. There is nothing hugely groundbreaking in their menu, but from what I experienced, everything is cooked and created well.

We hit the ground running with a mixture of the restaurants Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings and Calamari with a Creme Fraiche dip. A choice made because you can do wings and Calamari well, or pretty badly. The Trading House delivered on both starters, and also brings me back to my original point. You don't have to think hugely outside of the box to deliver great food.

My friend's chicken wings were deliciously coated in salt and pepper, perfectly cooked and free of any grease. I had a bowl of Calamari which arrived piping hot, crisp and melted in my mouth.

Next up was the main event. My friend picked The Trading House's Halloumi Burger and I decided to see what the hype was about by ordering the Salt and Pepper Pork Belly Hanging Kebab. If hanging kebabs are your thing you could also order chicken, chicken and chorizo, halloumi and lamb kofta.

The burger arrived with a substantial portion of chips and tangy red cabbage coleslaw. The burger was golden brown and went down a treat. The Salt and Pepper Pork Belly Hanging Kebab arrived just like it says on the tin, hanging. The kebab was served with chips and coated at the table with a spicy Bang Bang sauce. I instantly saw what the hype was about, and it also delivered on taste as well as looks. Perfectly cooked cubes of pork belly were simple to retrieve from the kebab without flinging across a room, but gave all the drama you need for a Friday night dinner with friends. If you go to The Trading House, try a kebab, you won't regret it.

The final flurry was pudding, with us both unable to resist the Dark Chocolate and

Peanut Butter Pot in a rich toffee sauce served with vanilla ice cream. Not your stereotypical light end to a three-course meal. In my head, when I think of the word "pot" I had envisioned a small vessel worthy of one to two spoonfuls. Oh no, the Trading House have a different definition of the word pot, which bodes similar to 'small plate". Thick peanut butter, topped with a rich toffee sauce, dark chocolate, crumb, ice cream and banana filled the dish, and each mouthful was divine. The only issue is you probably need to be a competitive eater to finish it. My tip, order one between two.

To summarise The Trading House is the perfect place for a catch up with friends or a perfect first date. Grand enough to make you feel like you are somewhere special but affordable and accessible enough to tick all your friends' boxes. The menu is perfectly sized to accommodate a mix of picky eaters and dietary requirements and be rest assured you won't have a bad meal here.

So grab your best clothes and book an after work table.

The Trading House is only open Monday to Friday

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