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Review: Viet Grill

Viet Grill is situated on 'Pho Mile', a stretch of Kingsland Road in Shoreditch with some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in London. Competition is fierce so quality needs to be high and Viet Grill does not disappoint.

It was hard to choose between the fresh Summer Rolls and these deep-fried Imperial Spring Rolls from the first section of the menu, but one bite and I was very happy with my choice. Plump, crispy and filled with chunks of juicy prawns and pork, these are probably the best Vietnamese spring rolls I've had outside of Asia. Don't miss them.

The Piggy Grilled Aubergine is a whole baked aubergine with minced pork & peanuts then topped with crispy shallots. It's a comforting dish, kept interesting with good textural contrast and layered flavours.

Next from the Small Eats section was a very generous portion of Anchovied Chicken Wings with caramelised fish sauce & sesame seeds. These would be great for sharing as they are not fiercely spicy but bring a big umami hit of flavour that everyone will love.

This Sizzling Seafood platter with prawns, squid and Asian greens is so moreish - one of those dishes you keep going back to absent-mindedly even when you are full. The greens give it a lovely freshness and texture.

We didn't even scratch the surface of the huge menu here and I've already lined up the dishes I want to try next - Saigon Hawker Rice or Hanoi BBQ Pork, anyone? They also serve some interesting cocktails - we tried the Vijito (white rum, lime, passion fruit and mint) and a non-alcoholic Ô Mai (sour plum with traditional salted plum, lemon and soda) - and have a happy hour to get your evening started.

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