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Seaweed Jerky And Vegan Charcuterie – The Next Big Food Trends Of 2021

A new food trends report has revealed ‘vegan charcuterie’ and ‘seaweed jerky’ are set to be the next big foodie must-haves in 2021.

According to Cornish Sea Salt’s development chef, James Strawbridge, vegetable charcuterie and seaweed jerky are the next big food trend. He believes Carrot Salami, Kelp Biltong and swede hams will start to merge in retail, on pizza toppings and dried snacks.

Vegetable charcuterie uses fermented gut-loving bacteria and dry curing to preserve vegetables and is a healthy replacement for processed meat snacks.

The trends predictions by Cornish Sea Salt looks at the behaviours of Covid 19, such as panic buying and food shortage, as well as the shift in food habits, to estimate the next big things.

With the rise in home cooking many are now much more adventurous with that they produce in their kitchens, and many diners are looking for plant-based food and zero waste cookery options.

Chef, James Strawbridge said:

“2019 and 2020 was all about Seacuterie, there was an explosion of salmon pastrami, monkfish Copa and octopus chorizo. This year we will see our favourite cured meats and fish replaced with vegetable alternatives.”

The food brand also suggests a rise in ‘fakeaways’ and DIY home boxes will continue to grow in popularity.

“Micro Trends” believed to be hitting the mark in 2021 include Philippine BBQ, Seaganism and Liquid Sea Minerals.

Organic rope-grown mussels, responsible wild fishing and hand-dived Scallops will massively grow in popularity under the buzz work “Seaganism”.

James added: “Seaganism will also be matched with a range of new products flooding the supermarkets that flips preconceptions about ready meals and grab and go food. We will see more in this space as sustainable seafood options continue to grow in demand.”

The last couple of years have seen the rise in Japanese food trends, 2021 is predicted to be the year of Philippine BBQ. Foodies will see spikes in pork and plant-based snacks with spicey and sour BBQ sauce.

Born on the south Cornish coats, Cornish Sea Salt is quality artisan sea salt designed to bring versatility and creativity to cooking. In 2019 James Strawbridge joined the team as Executive Development Chef and Salt Sommelier.

The Top 10 trends we can expect to see in 2021:

  1. Seaweed jerky and vegan charcuterie

  2. Fermented Seasonings

  3. Pimping pantry home basics

  4. DIY recipe boxes

  5. Bitter is the new sweet

  6. Fakeaways

  7. Edible flowers

  8. Philippine BBQ

  9. Seaganism

  10. Liquid Sea Minerals


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