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New Things To Drink This September

New Booze klaxon: Five new things to drink this September. Jo Aspin rounds up the latest spirits and pre-mixes to hit shelves.

Silver Circle Bloody Mary – EDITOR’S PICK

This one had us at the soup can. Silver Circle Distillery has packaged up their 2-Star Great Taste awarded black garlic vodka into this nifty readymade Ultimate Bloody Mary in a tin. Black garlic is slow roasted for weeks which results in removing the spice and sharpness of fresh garlic and instead is replaced with a rich balsamic vinegar like umami. On top of this you’ll find added flavours of smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, which weaves in with the black garlic, along with spicy jalapeno, Worcestershire and red pepper hot sauce flavours resulting in a lovely deep spicy aftertaste. Apple caramel and white shoyu add further depth and a sweeter finish. Each can has two servings but disappears all too quickly. Not sure this one is for sharing!

If you like a lazy morning weekend Bloody Mary, scan the QR the code on the side of each can which will take you through to Spotify to a ‘brunch culture soundtrack compiled by Silver Circle for weekend sounds to sip alongside.


O’Donnell Passionfruit Moonshine

We’ve found further fun packaging this month in the form of O’Donnell’s Moonshine.

Based on authentic moonshine which originates from USA’s 1920s prohibition era, this ‘hard liquor’ (as my American mom would say) was secretly stored in mason jars before it was passed on to smugglers for sale on the black market. O’Donnell is named after Spike O’Donnell, the leader of the Southside O’Donnell gang of Chicago who went to great lengths to ensure he was top dog in the illegal booze trade at the time. Adding to their current repertoire of six or so fruity-flavoured concoctions, this new Passionfruit O’Donnells Moonshine has just launched. The unctuous sweet syrup has bursts of real passionfruit with citrusy flavours thrown in. Delicious over ice but at 14 serves per jar and 20% ABV just make sure you pace yourself!


Thirlings Dry Gin Ad Gefrin

Here’s a lovely fresh and outdoorsy new gin, born out of Northumberland. This classic spirit has been crafted at the Ad Gefrin distillery which is incidentally also a gin experience centre – a great day trip for true drink’s nerds aka it’s on our to-do list. Thirlings was a small local settlement in the 7th century and mirroring the Anglo-Saxon heritage of its namesake, the botanicals have been selected from the Northumbrian countryside and coastline. Thirlings Northumbrian Dry Gin is made from a classic distillation process incorporating ingredients including heather, pine, elderberry and dill from the hedgerow, and Irish moss and sea buckthorn from the coast.


Vapoura Spiced Rum

In anticipation of autumn, we’re excited by this new edition from British rum brand Vapoura - Vapoura Spiced Rum launching this month. The fruity blend of blood orange is complemented with fresh turmeric and cracked black cardamon creating a warm and gently spiced aftertaste plus vanilla and nutmeg to bring in sweetness. Their rums are made in England, in small batch, copper pot stills and crafted through intricate distillation techniques using the brand’s own yeast strain to create a uniquely flavoured spirit range. Swap out your gin and replace it with Vapoura spiced rum for a wickedly seasonal Negroni to serve up at your Halloween party this year.


Goalong Botanical Spirits - new things to drink for September

Over to China now for some new spirits available to the UK audience from September. Chinese gin? Yes indeed, the distillery is found in the mountainous Hunan province of south-central China. Goalong Botanical Gin is produced from corn and distilled with a concoction of 20 Chinese herbs and spices. You’ll find notes of green tea, coriander, cinnamon and a lovely Sichuan pepper spice. Due to increasing interest in Chinese whiskeys in the UK, you will now be able to try three of Goalong’s blends too: A 5 Year Old Bourbon & Brandy Cask Single Malt Chinese Whiskey; 5 Year Old Bourbon Cask Single Malt and a third blended Chinese Whiskey are also now also available online.

Whisky Exchange – (prices vary)


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