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Award-winning vegan restaurant Stem & Glory launches first at-home range

Award-winning vegan restaurant Stem & Glory is launching a new online store offering UK wide delivery on January 26th 2021.

The online store is the culmination of work over the past six months to develop the restaurant’s menu into a new cook-at-home offering, complete with design and branding by Afroditi Krassa.

The new range consists of finish-at-home ready meals, such as their popular Swede Gnocchi and Glorious Bourguignon, and recipe kits such as Stem & Glory’s trademark Kimchi Pancakes and Activated Charcoal Fettuccine with Mushroom ‘Scallops’. The online store will also carry probiotic drinks and a vegan bar featuring niche UK brewery craft beer and British wine.

Louise Palmer-Masterton, Founder of Stem & Glory said: “During the hospitality hibernation we kept our eyes firmly on our product development and brand identity. We created a whole new product range, including ready meals with branding by the amazing Afroditi Krassa. We are super pleased with the results, and it’s come to fruition ahead of schedule at the end of Veganuary. Since our first Crowdfund in 2018 we’ve been asked many times to open branches in towns all over the country, so we are really happy we can now offer our restaurant quality meals to the whole of the UK.

“We see the online store as an extension of what we do in our restaurants. The ready meals are based on our most recent London menu, and we will also have recipe kits on offer as some of our dishes, such as my favourite ‘Pho’, are best recreated from scratch. We will also be introducing, later in the year, some merchandise, online workshops and off-the-shelf products, such as our very popular fermented foods. It’s been such an unusual time lately, but it’s given us valuable breathing space to be creative, which has been a real blessing.

“We are looking forward to getting our restaurants open again, but in the meantime, we can continue doing what we love, and now bring it to the whole UK.”

The at-home-range will be run from Stem & Glory’s London site, and for every box sold four meals will be donated to staff at neighbouring St. Barts hospital.

The online store launches on Tuesday 26th Jan with first delivery on Friday 29th Jan. For more information see:


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