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Editor's Pick: February 2022

Every month, we look at the hottest items that have crossed our desks at Chatting Food HQ. These are the latest food and drink products we think you should be trying this month.

Lizi's Focus Super Museli

Whether you're struggling to stay on task or experiencing daily brain fog, Lizi's Focus Super Muesli is here to get you back into the swing of things this January and keep your mind sharp all the way from breakfast to bedtime.

Combining brain-boosting nutrients such as Vitamin B6 and Zinc, this muesli lets you be a good boss to yourself by fuelling your mind to conquer the busy work schedule. Staying true to their values and ethos, every one of their exciting, innovative Super Mueslis has been specially crafted to provide mood-enhancing qualities and are also GL tested.

Lizi’s Focus Super Muesli is available from Ocado, RRP £3.50 for a 400g pack.

Shanky's Whip Smooth Black Irish Whiskey Liqueur

A creamy, sweet liqueur made with a combination of Black Irish whiskey, Irish spirit, caramel and vanilla. The result is aromas of toffee, butter, cream, vanilla and sweet spices that are echoed throughout the palate. The perfect purchase for a winter Irish Coffee.

Shanky’s Whip is available from Amazon, Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and


If you’re looking to create a graze board with a health factor, then OLOVES are the perfect healthy addition.

Packed with goodness, OLOVES® are the natural, gluten free and vegan-friendly choice all wrapped up in a perfect little bag to allow you to serve up fresh olives anywhere, anytime, without the waste.

OLOVES® bring you the tastiest Greek olives that are high in deliciousness and really low in calories. Produced using juicy, plump and amazingly firm, yet crisp Greek Halkidiki and Kalamata olives, there are four delicious flavours in the OLOVES® family, and each is a bursting with goodness.

Choose from Basil & Garlic, Lemon & Rosemary, Chilli & Oregano or Chilli & Garlic.

Vegan-friendly, gluten-free and nut-free, OLOVES® are the most natural and delicious snack you can enjoy on-the-go! No stones, no fuss, and nothing artificial, just low calorie loveliness in every handy bag.

OLOVES® are available from Amazon and online at,


Credit: Milly Fletcher

Mocktails™, the award-winning ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktails launched its brand new nitro-charged slim cans. And we loved them!

This new canned format provides a convenient and delicious way to now enjoy Mocktails on the go. The cans are non-carbonated but contain a clever widget that adds a visual and aromatic experience on popping the can open – much like the effect achieved after a cocktail shake.

Each of the four Mocktails flavours are 100% natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced. They’re also vegan, gluten free, low in sugar and calories, and, of course, the canned packaging is 100% recyclable too.

Try Mockarita: A classic with a twist that will take you straight to the beach, Mockapolitan: Subtle and sophisticated, but not too sweet, Mockscow Mule: Sicilian & Argentinian lemons create the most refreshing of tastes, Sansgria: The French, Italian & Spanish wine grapes will transport you to Sevilla!

Mocktails™ cans are now available at priced at £26.99 for a pack of 12 x 200ml cans.

Charlie Bigham's Steak Sharing Pie

Winter is still very much with us, and so we are still in comfort food season. Reward yourself for getting through January with a Charlie Bigham's Steak Sharing Pie. Tender British steak, slow-cooked with bacon and red wine encased in fresh flaky pastry.

Perfect for Two (but we won't judge you if you buy it for one)

Oven Cook in 30 Mins. Fresh & Ready to Bake. Delicious!


[Items in this article may have been gifted to Chatting Food. No financial payment has been made to feature in this article, and entries to the feature are made independently by members of the Editorial Team. This page contains affiliate links and we may receive a small commission for purchases]

Chatting Food Contributor: Ellen Pope

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