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Are You ‘The Loyalist’ or 'The Mixologist’? What does your drink habit say about you?

It’s time to separate ‘the mixologists’ from ‘the spritzers’ as psychologist Lee Chambers reveals exactly what your alcohol drinking habit say about you.

Credit: Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

New research by Vin Crowd asked 2,000 Brits about their drinking style and patterns. The majority of those surveyed (31%) described themselves as a ‘loyalist’ – same drink, same place, same time.

Chambers believes ‘the loyalist’ is a person who rarely deviates from routine, they don’t go in for fads or suffer trends… they didn’t notice gin happening again because they drink vodka.

While they aren’t the most creative of beings, all is not lost on the loyalist. Chambers states they are as reliable as their 5pm pint on a Thursday evening. They are considered in their choices and will always meet a deadline.

Hand over the prosecco and meet ‘The Tippler’ in the group– made up of just under 20% of those surveyed across the UK. The tippler is out for the occasional drink, usually as treat, and most likely something sparkling (or sparkly).

Looking to celebrate little wins and cherish the small moments, according to Chambers, ‘The Tippler’ is the happy-go-lucky drinker you want in your corner on a Friday night.

Now for the unconventional, just under one in 10 had no regard for the bartender’s rule book. Happy to throw a splash of lemonade into their white wine and baffled by the etiquette to ice or not to ice – meet ‘The spritzers.’

‘The Spritzer’ thinks that rules are there to be broken, says Chambers. Those who spritz are putting their own stamp on things and they aren’t afraid of judgement or pushing boundaries. ‘The Spritzer’ is always thinking outside the box …have you chilled your red wine recently?

Commenting on the findings, drinks expert Nathan McGivern from Vin Crowd, said: “Sometimes it’s important to remember that classic drinks can, and should be, turned on their head; that adding ice to wine or even a splash of lemonade is one of Britain’s worst-kept drinking secrets, that many of us are ‘guilty’ of.

“The survey shows ‘the experts’ are in the minority, as most people’s drink habits reflect a need for ease, comfort and fun. That’s why pre-mixed cocktails and spritzer-based drinks, such as Vin Crowd, are growing rapidly in popularity.”

Just 3% of Brits considered themselves an “expert” in drinks such as beer and wine. And they don’t call us ‘boozy brits’ for nothing, as nearly 10% described themselves as ‘celebrators’ – only drinking on special occasions and ensuring it’s to excess.

Vin Crowd has teamed up with psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers MSc MBPs to breakdown our drinking personas: See below:

Same drink, same daily or weekly routine… ‘The Loyalist’

The loyalist is a staunch advocate of their drinking preference. Not willing to conform to the latest trend, they are self-assured, like routine and dislike change. They prefer process over people, want things to be done the right way, are never the most creative but are always very reliable and will meet a deadline.

It's a special occasion, is it sparkling or sparkly? Meet ‘The Tippler’

The tippler celebrates the small wins. Usually reaching for a few when they have achieved something or are being social, they tend to cherish life's little moments and are often mindful of others. They tend to be happy-go-lucky and are not easily influenced by those around them. 

Only cocktails will do …'The Mixologist’

The mixologist likes to look good while drinking. Straw in mouth and eyes across the room, they thrive on attention and the mixing of flavours. They are natural risk-takers, likely to appear confident but behind their colourful drink be a little self-conscious. On the flip side, they tend to be patient and are brave enough to ask for something out of the ordinary.

Mixing up taboos and breaking the rules – Meet ‘The Spritzer’

The spritzer thinks that rules are there to be broken. They don't care much for tradition, and value individuality highly. They often rebel against societal norms because they feel suppressed in other areas of life, unable to break the rules there. They are likely to be problem solvers, thinking outside the box, while breaking boundaries and being brutally honest.

Never the same drink twice – ‘The Flirter’

The flirter embraces novel desires. They are courageous individuals, continually experimenting and searching for something off the beaten track. They are very decisive but are easily swayed and unlikely to be highly empathetic. They are likely to be searching for something bigger in life, while being resilient when faced with uncertainty.

The beer buffs, the wine snobs…’The Expert’

The expert loves to share their perspective and be externally validated. They love to share a story, even if half of it is fiction. Some experts are well versed, but they tend to quietly share their opinions, being very self-aware of how we are all unique. Other experts are competitive, border on arrogant, and are often masking insecurities. They are also likely to disappear when their round is due!

Leathered, lashed, mortal – but only on special occasions: ‘The Celebrator’

The celebrator is the quiet one, until the occasion comes. So often the compassionate type who puts others first, they finally get to unleash their fiery side. They tend to be self-conscious, but they are reliable and loyal. They live in the moment, grateful but not forward-thinking. They are disciplined and able to flip the switch in many areas of their lives.


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