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7 Sweet Treats For Easter

The long weekend is coming and Jo Aspin has rounded her favourite treats & seasonal sweets to see you through your Easter Weekend.

Easter Macarons & Cookie gift bags from Jack & Beyond

Nothing says Easter more than cute bunnies and chicks right? Fulham-based artisan bakers Jack & Beyond have created some seasonal farm animal inspired macarons. Made with free-range eggs and almond paste they come in three different flavours: rich chocolate ganache, salted caramel, and raspberry and lemon & elderflower.

Meanwhile, their seasonal cookie bags are filled with cut out cookies in the shapes of eggs, bunnies (and our favourite) bunny bottoms - made the kids giggle! The biscuits are a mix of vanilla shortbread and gingerbread and decorations are all iced by hand.

Chocolate Eggs & Bunnies

Check out Baileys Salted Caramel Egg for total indulgence featuring a glittering gold-flecked ethereal chocolate egg flanked by four crunchy salted caramel chocolates with Bailey’s salted caramel centre. Hello!

Green & Blacks always gets our vote for their high quality fair-trade chocolate. Shop their sophisticated range of Easter eggs featuring a luxe-sounding range including this Dark Chocolate Large Shell Egg (pictured) made up of organic chocolate made with 70 % cocoa solids, crystallised ginger pieces and toffee.

Fashion world take notes, the Lindt Bunny has had a makeover for 2021. No doubt as excited to get out and about this Spring as the rest of us, the classic gold-wrapped chocolate rabbit has been given some extra bling sporting a leopard-skin coat. Inside the same winning milk chocolate recipe.

Niederegger Luxury Easter Eggs

This one’s strictly for the grown-up palate. Classic German confectionary brand Niederegger has created a range of booze-based Easter eggs. Covered in brightly coloured foils, unwrap to find a mix of marzipan, and dark chocolate infused with different tipples including Grappa, Irish Cream, Orange Souffle and (our fave) Marc De Champagne.

If you’re a marzipan these are for you!

For Your Easter Tea: Bird & Blend Hot Cross Bunnies TEAster Egg

We are big fans of Independent Brighton-based tea company Bird & Blend and here’s an egg that adults and kids will love in equal measures.

This large tea-infused milk chocolate egg comes in a grown-up looking eco bunny wrap complete with a yellow bow and pink tissue pom pom on the egg’s behind. Bird & Blend have partnered with artisan chocolatier, Only Coco, to produce these hot cross bun flavoured tea-infused handmade Easter eggs. Plus, break open your egg to find three cream egg teabag infusions hidden inside – adorable. All packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.

Moorish Chocolate Dip

Here’s a new love it or hate it Marmite-style product on the market apparently a BIG hit already in the USA. Chocolate hummus anyone? If there’s ever a time to serve up a chocolate dessert dip for starters then surely it’s Easter! This chickpea-based chocolate dip is salty, and coconut based so not overly sweet. It’s made from cocoa, coconut milk, tahini, and chickpeas sweetened with pomegranate. If you’re a chocoholic and can’t get enough of cocoa in all forms this one’s for you!


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Chatting Food Contributor Jo Aspin

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