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New Truffle Menu at Kitchen W8

This November, Michelin-starred Kitchen W8 will be serving up an inventive celebration of truffles in one very special menu.

Running from 15th-27th November, the menu will include three varieties of truffle: autumn black truffle (tuber uncinatum); Périgord truffle (tuber melanosporum) and the king of truffles, white Alba truffle (tuber magnatum pico).

The Kensington restaurant is owned by experienced restaurateur Rebecca Mascarenhas and chef-restaurateur Phil Howard, with Head Chef Mark Kempson at the helm. Accomplished, confident and playful, Kempson's exceptional cooking is stamped with his personality; see our earlier review of his game menu here. This year, his menu includes savoury truffle churros; a cacio e pepe with white Alba truffle; pie, mash and liquor with the Périgord; and a pear and vanilla rice pudding with truffle honey.

The four-course truffle menu will be £140 (or £190 with a wine pairing) and my guess is its going to be a winner. Pie, mash & liquor with truffles - when are you ever going to get a chance to eat that again?

Book online here.


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